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Just a Friend (G-mix)

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A Cover/Remake to Biz Markie and Mario's "Just a Friend"
Check it out.

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Grimcredible (Verse 1)
So my boy introduced me to this girl, Lets call her Blah Blah.
We Spent our time on the phone, but still was doing nada.
One day we got together all alone in my casa.
We got it in and after wards we started joking, haha.

But we got into an argument. I aint see her for a week.
I caught her on the street rollin wit this little creep.
I aint really care, I still started talking to her.
Dodgin the hurt that I felt when she was barkin dem words.

I asked her how she was.. Can we could chill next weekend?
she was wit it.. she wanted to chill out on the beach bench.
I was like aight I pick you up around 10
have dat bikini ready, when i come around u better be set.

She was like alright Ill call you later on tonight.
I said im lookin foward to the convo hit me up around nine.
She was fine.. but i just remembered The other head
she was wit.. I asked who he was and she said just a friend.

MPZ (Chorus)
Ohh baby you...
You got what I need;
But you say I'm just a friend;
But you say I'm just a friend;

Cause I can be your...;
But you say He's just a friend;
But you say He's just a friend;

MPZ (Verse 2)
Check it;
I've known this lady since grade school;
She lookin' great and she's always walkin' real smooth;
We've been hangin out - for real long minute;
Gotta ask a question but I know she ain't gonna spill it;

I tell the fine girl that I've been really feelin' her;
But I swear she be frontin' like its somethin' obsurd;
It ain't problem - but these type of girls need to stop;
She swear shes the best, but she needa get shot;

Down... So she could know how it feels;
You tell me we're just friends - so whats the deal;
Why you leadin' me on? And playin' hard to get;
I'm tired of it girl - But don't get upset;

Just honestly tell me, answer the question;
You know I hate fakers, don't make the impression;
Bouta move to the next one so tell me quick;
On some Biz Markie jump off, I'll bust this;

MPZ (Chorus)
Ohh baby you...
You got what I need;
But you say I'm just a friend;
But you say I'm just a friend;

Cause I can be your...;
But you say He's just a friend;
But you say He's just a friend;

Grimcredible (Verse 3)
So we got on da phone and started talkin for a while
it felt like our relationship would last a couple miles.
It seemed we were really movin along real nice.
Then I heard another voice I knew sumthin wasnt right.

uh.. I asked real calmly.. who dat dude in da back round..
she said it was her brother and that i needa back down..
Me and her brother were real cool..and that wasnt his voice
The dude was makin mad noise.. so i had to make a choice..

I told her ima be there in a few.. so be expectin me
and she better not be lyin.. u aint gonna be wreckin me.
I pull up at her buildin.. park da whip and rang the bell
her mom buzzed me up.. if he there im raisin hell.

on my way up.. i saw him commin down the stairs..
slapped em a 5, kept headin up.. Ima swing her by her hair.
Aint no way I'm goin through this headache again
Never mess wit a chick that calls a dude just a friend.

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Pretty sick

Really good on the verses but the chorus needs to be more full. maybe like some more percussion and extra vocals. maybe change up the main rhythm. its just a bit empty thats all. Other wise it was mad good.


As a fellow member of the only real thugs of NG, I say we RUN SHIT.


I though it was good and creative.


really chill track here! Id say its a good story track as well. 5d for sure! Keep at it and up Grim! Downloaded


Really Catchy

Love the tune. You got serious skills. You should mainstream.

Murdaa responds:

Its all a dream right now. I gotta start Youtube-ing my stuff and making videos to get the support i need. Glad u enjoyed it!. Show ur friends!

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Mar 6, 2011
10:15 PM EST
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