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Triumph v2

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Author Comments

The second song i made, trying to get a HHC sound right, still need alot work.

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Not bad man

i first have to say.. you have to atleast credit basshunter in this.. cause people think that its actually your song when its not.. yes you made it and changed some notes, but really atleast make the name basshunter remix or atleast put that in the title.. or else you'll be getting a ton more 0's and 1's from people.. im just watching your back.. im not hating you or taking off points for that.. okay? just letting you know.

on to the song..

ehh.. the bass gets really annoying from the start :/ .. it sounds like a sound that a frog would make when i squeeze it as hard as possible :/ not a great sound that your bass should have.. but i mean if thats the only bass you have.. eh.. find another one.. trust me.. look for a dance bass.. or go on youtube and type in how to make a good bass in fl studio or whatever DAW you use...

Second.. you should look into LP filters and such.. or more or less regular filters in general.. they help alot and make your sounds sound even more professional.. use them whenever you introduce something that the listener hasnt heard before.. it helps

Third.. a huge thing.. YOU NEED TO LOOK UP HOW TO MASTER PROPERLY.. i put that in caps cause its probably the most important thing any producer must know.. it makes your sounds go from good to amazing.. plesae look up how to use parametric eq 2 theres your ticket to making good sounding music

Fourth.. kinda repetative.. you should add in more sounds.. the kick shouldnt be 4 kicks for the whole song.. change that.. put in snare rolls on transitions.. low pass filter the snare rolls to make them sound good.. add a breakdown so the listener can take a little break.. all of these things should be in your song.. more repetative it is the more a listener hates the song.. its the hard truth..

fifth... gotta work on your ending.. dont just "end it" right there.. no one likes that.. you have to contruct your ending.. maybe with filter cut off and such idk.. people do it differently.. just listen to the best songs out there. they all have amazing endings.. orrr they make the song loop which is a plus if its an amazing song..

all in all.. gotta work on a lot of things.. but seeing that you look kinda new at making music.. not bad.. not bad..

and just to let you know.. i keep my reviews constructive.. im not trying to be mean.. just trying to help

Pretty cool

Kind of makes me think of the song "Pretty Rave Girl" with the way the synth is playing the quick back and forth notes on the first synth.

The synths both sound pretty nice actually. The one is playing constant back and forth notes. The other one plays through several different beats and probably encourages the listener to get up and just enjoy the night as well.

The bass sounds very dang splendid and good job in that area. Kind of made me think of a car door opening constantly which was kind of sad. The drums sound pretty cool. They sound fast yet simple to play as well which turns out to be pretty cool I take it.

Overall you did a really nice job. Nice to see you used Basshunter's music as a template for your songs as well. Great piece of work.

Review Request Club

Good effort

The song definitely reaches a fantastic happycore high with the melody. When it starts at 0:12, it really makes you want to just start dancing and jumping around, and as it continues to build and repeat throughout the song it really showcases what happycore's really good at; a wonderful club beat. I'm also a big fan of the movement you put in there for the melody at 1:12, which contrasts excellently with the melody you've already built up.

The song really starts out with some trouble in the beginning, however-- it could be my speakers, but the bass comes off as sounding almost like some sort of croaking frog, moving back and forth. It's not the best sound for a dance or trance song to have, but I see where you were going with it-- a catchy bass line plus the moving melody would be fantastic. Is there a way you could edit the bass to maybe not bleed so much? I'd like to see the song where it was more like 2:26, where you have the echo effect going. Instead of putting the entire song in a softer sound though, why not try and have the simpler bass with the happycore melody playing on top?

As I listen to it more and more, the bass actually seems to get more and more catchy, but it still bleeds a lot. Again, this could be my speakers, but it's the only thing that's keeping me from really getting into it. Good luck, and great work!

- Review Request Club

Pretty good

I like the energy and overall flow the piece is (and your composition style) trying to convey. The melody is really catchy and there are some flashes of decent production here and there.

I feel as an improvement you could add some more interesting drum patterns and maybe bring them out a little. I feel a lot of the empty space in the song could be filled out with maybe a pad of some sort to help give it a fuller song. Also a bit of EQing could be done on a couple of synths so they aren't so piercing, possibly a limiter if needed.

Overall I like the idea being conveyed and I hope to see you grow further and improve more.



If you're going to steal from Basshunter, at least credit him you fake, this isn't your song. Don't believe me? Check out Basshunter Tutorial Song. The fact that you're accepting people's comments as it's your own song disgusts me.

DjViking responds:

yes I used Basshunters style as a basis, but this is MY song, i made this, it differs from basshunters tutorial song in many ways. Basshunter wasn't the only influence on this song. Also I have met Basshunter in person, he is a perv. and is over glorified, all of my friends who met him since i hired him for a show all refer to him as asshunter from that point on, since he spent pretty much all of his night, (other than his 1 hour set) hitting on underage girls, and saying he likes ass.

also, it's common in the techno/trance scene to use similar beats, you don't think basshunter ever stole any sounds or beats from other artists? Look at his song DOTA, which was his first "famous" song, or song that got him global recognition, that is a ripoff of the song Daddy DJ, don't believe me look it up, yes they sound similar but basshunter made his own sounds, just as I made my own sounds with this song, my final note, to all who plan on reviewing after m2tracks, base your review on your thoughts on the song, and not what this asshat has said.

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2011
9:46 PM EST
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6.9 MB
3 min 2 sec

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