El Fudge - Ascendo Tuum

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About time I submitted something new.
This one has been sitting on my hard-drive for a long time, and I decided to finish it. It's a bit of minimal house, kind of bass-heavy and stuff.

Mixing went fairly well in this one, but it hasn't been mastered since I tend to fuck up in that department.
Anyways, enjoy and leave some comments if ya like.

Also, new producer name lolol.


Pretty basic

I have to say that I started out expecting something awesome but it is just a drum sample with some clicking sounds and the slow bass build up was alright though. I think the drums should have gone in more of a pace of four fast hits followed by three fast hits, four fast hits, then 2 slow hits and kept repeating itself like that.

The synth, and bass were pretty mediocre as well. I was expecting something a bit cooler but sadly you let me down. I think if you changed up the drum beat and made the song a bit cooler and faster it would be a lot nicer.

Overall, good luck should you ever decide to redo this song.

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Syztm responds:

You're right, it is a pretty basic track, and I should have one some variation in the drums. Like I said, I guess laziness got the upperhand here.
Thanks for the review :)

Could have been better

This is a basic song that needs a lot more work put in.

Intro: It starts with the beat already set it. If you wanted to improve this I'd make it slower and then build up to the tempo that you're at. This will ease the listener into and have a better emotional connection to the song.

Creativity: It's a pretty basic song, nothing really screams amazing at me. You need more variations in your song not just BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Ya know? You can do a lot more with this song.

I usually tell people that their songs are too complicated and busy and that they need to tone it down and simplify, but yours is different. You should add more to this song, it'd really help it out.

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Syztm responds:

Alright, it is pretty basic. I was going for a minimal track with a limited amount of drums and synths. I should have done something about the drumbeat, that's true.

I'm kind of disappointed with the result as well, but I guess laziness got to me in the end.
Thanks for the review :)

hey this is pretty cool

although that lead ping was testy at times, then again i here that alot in house music and people tend to like it so it's whatever. the bass in here makes a sorta nica ambient effect in my headphones which is really cool although it might just be a tad to powerful when used on speakers. i was wondering what you used to make that lead though as i have been wanting to make house music but have no idea where to start.

Syztm responds:

Thanks :) Haven't got a chance to test the track on a solid speaker system, so I'm not quite sure what it will sound like. A friend of mine ensured me that it sounded fine, so I'll just take his word for that :P
About the lead, it's a simple 3xosc with all squares, all CRS set to +16 and fine all the way down. Play around with the instrument properties (volume and cutoff), add some FX (chorus, reverb, delay and whatnot) and you should be set.

Thanks for the review!

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Feb 24, 2011
12:07 PM EST
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