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Final Fantasy 8 - Force

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Author Comments


I'll give you a happy face :)

Ok, well, this one is not AS great as your other ones, but it's still good. The beginning doesn't sound as good as the original, but still... Would have liked to see drums in the beginning instead of near the end... But still good.

Under Appreciated

While it doesn't sound human as was mentioned before, I feel that worked to this songs advantage since it kept with the original quite nicely. When I was listening to the first part I was disappointed there were no drums, but then at that halfway point they kicked in and it just started feel like everything was a lead up to the truly epic second half. It's amazing what a little drums can do to an already awesome arrangement. I just wish there was a little bit more bass to it.

The only question I have is how the hell does this song only have 220 listens? It definitely deserves a hell of a lot more then that.

KennethBoxall responds:

Glad you loved it, many of my songs I put drums half way to bring more interest into the song. I'm not sure why most of my songs never get views. I've tried letting people know but hey you know how music goes. It's either they love you, hate you or just don't care.

Ooo orchestration

The use of the instruments are pretty conventional, and the stabs that are in it are fairly well placed. There are some parts towards the end that are arranged quite nicely, which kept my interest well enough. There are quite a few things that could be better, though.

The instruments don't sound human. They really sound like a computer playing the parts. People do not attack the notes the same way throughout a song, nor do they stick to the same dynamics. When writing computer orchestral music you need to be paying attention to how a real orchestra would be playing the music, if you want it to be convincing. Set your velocities to affect the volume and try to make the sound a bit more human.

lThose pizzicato strings are... um, a bit too insane, there, for any human being. It's just not possible, so you should avoid it, if you could, since it really takes the listener away from the realistic atmosphere you're trying to create, here. A harp glissando and/or a piano would serve you better, for that reason.

The mixing is a little sporatic, there. While I hear the panning is correct for an orchestra (nice touch), the ambiance and spread seems too extreme, so lower the reverb to a less church-like and more hall-like setting, and fix the spread on your instruments/master channel (whichever it may be).

The bass tracks are too quiet, here. I'm not hearing enough in this to ground the rest of the track. Mind you, since this is an orchestra track simply raising the volume might not be a good idea, so try to achieve the volume by doubling the bass with a bassoon, tuba or something like that. It'd help give depth to the track.

Y'know, I think I've seen you post something on the OCR WIP boards, haven't I? I think I've heard your other stuff before. Ah well, it's certainly a good effort, here, and I hope my advice helps.

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KennethBoxall responds:

I do notice the "inhuman" parts you mean. I mostly only put that there so keep to the original theme. Gave them extra reverb to give them a more synth sound. The Church sound it only because somtimes I feel the instruments sound a bit "flat" without drums playing along. I am a fan of adding drums later on to keep the listener listening.

I know the crowd over at OCRemix, they can be harsh. I know in my experiences, they have actually private messaged me saying i'm a terrible musician and should not post anymore on the board so I left OCremix board for awhile since there was no respect for me there.

I do try to play with velocity but somtimes my EQing is off and drowns out the basses or makes the high crackle a bit with distortion. As like any art the more you do it the better you get. Because when I listen to this compared to my first attempt atleast this kinda sound like a real orchestral mock-up.

If you ever want to collab on any music or projects just let me know I'm not a prude or ignorant musician so It's easy to work with me on "just for fun" songs.

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Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2011
12:52 AM EST
Video Game
File Info
8.6 MB
3 min 47 sec

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