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I'm sure a fair amount of you can relate to THIS one!
Lots of us have fallen victim to the life-taking-addiction of MMO's, and well... This song is all about it, except in a positive view of such things. Basically, a slight story of my life and my online addictions, with a funky 8-bit Ghost Buster's beat!!
Let me know what you guys think!

in front of the tv, is how i spend my day
dont say shit, i dont want it another way
no pussy in weeks, now my friends call me gay
im too focused on the games to care what they say

don't call me up for supper, i don't need to eat
until this boss is beat, i'm not leaving this seat
haven't moved in days got stinking socks on my feet
but i don't give a shit, just killed an 85 elite
sitting inside and im feeling good
the sun is shining and i still wear my hood
cause im in my daddys basement
my ass on this chair like a permanent placement
staring at the screen
nothing can come between what im feeling
got 20 man raid and they all need my healing
24 hour raiding got me sleep deprived
i look like a zombie but im happy i survived
got some epic loot and i'm feeling good
everything is perfect just the way it should
my MMO addiction is just misunderstood
they said go to school howd life be if i would
i dont wanna know cause i wouldnt be grindin
sitting in the dark the computer screens blinding
i dont wanna work a single day of my life
married to the consoles so I don't need a wife

yeah i'm loaded up on pepsi, and other soda pop
twenty levels just today and i'm never gonna stop
i cant control myself when it comes to these games,
my eyes wide open and i'm feeling all these pains
havent cleaned myself in a number of weeks
guilds askin how i do it wanna know all my techniques
i cant tell a soul not even my best of friends
just finished up some farming lets see how gold spends
get the best of all mounts, but dont follow the trends
im covered in sweat cause of my lack in cigarette
takin loans for my account now im drowning in debt
kill the highest rank player cause nobodies a threat

playing other games now cause i can't afford WoW
allods online with scr and madhatter
dont preach your shit to me cause real life dont matter
my familys tellin me that im gettin a bit fatter
no girls talk to me, so i dont really care
gotta hit 42 so im hunting down some bear
dont argue about the game cause im like a doctrinaire
got a raid in 20 minutes so i gotta prepare


everything was going well, even better than expected
everyone was doing good, then i got disconnected
they all bitching in vent, cause they got no heals
im about to lose my mind, hate bad internet deals
family laughs at my anger,but they dont know how it feels
i'm about to fucking snap, so i write down this rap
check the internet and it's still fucking down
no expression on my face but a long sappy frown


Nerdcore XD

Wow, really love the lyrics because they sound funny and the eight bit sounds remind me of ghostbusters as well. The drums and bass are awesome actually. The main synth piece is just as amazing though. Really loved how you used the eight bit version of ghostbusters as the background music while you belt out some awesome lines.

The lyrics are splendid though, I can't say anything bad about something this funny and awesome.

Wow, just an excellent beat.

Review Request Club

NoCoins responds:

It IS an 8-bit ghost busters theme, wasn't ever meant to be a rap beat.. But I pulled it off I guess!
Thanks for the kind words my man, glad you enjoyed!!


I love a good Wow Song but...

Everyone love a good Wow Song..."good." This was pretty low quality. If you want to rap you have to announcement a lot better, the only reason I knew it was a Wow Song was because I read the lyrics. You can't rely on your description to get people to like your song.

My suggestion is to slow it down and let the listeners fully enjoy the lyricism.

Review Request Club

NoCoins responds:

The song was not necessarily about WoW in any way, but about the MMO genre of video games... Clearly, you didn't read the song lyrics as it mentioned other MMOs.
I didn't rely on the description to get people to like the song, I didn't rely on anything to get them to like the song as a matter of fact.

Thanks for the review.

- nC

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Feb 18, 2011
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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