Pitbulljones- Building Up

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It's been an extremely long time since i've created any new music or share any for that matter. This was a little concoction i made the other day in a couple of hours. The objective was to actually record something and work with some new and plugins, really just to see how much work needs to be done.

Currently working from a qwerty keyboard for midi, which isn't the best, but does lend to some interesting chord shapes. anyhow let me know hat you think. cheers


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I wanted to become gangster

But this track prevented my evil plan. It's experimental chords, although created with a qwerty midi keyboard, were do strange yet beautyful, they forced me into self-reflection. All my agressions were soothed by the the sad, bonefreezing tunes - they are a projection of what I was gonna be in the future.
But then that song also got a bit boring so that's only 8/10 for you out there man, great job!

pitbulljones responds:

that review title NEEDS to be a song, it has to be, it kleads so many ways...''i wanted to become a gangster nbut then i found cheese, i wanted to cap some homies but then i had to sneeze'' haha thats inspiration in its self and i will take that, and i assure you my next tune will be called 'I Wanted to Become a Gangster'

your review is fair and honest, that is all i can ask from someone, you recognise the use of the qwerty keyboard, respect it's limitations yet also understand it can make CRAZY chords......

If you are being literal upon this tune and not just projecting then i'm glad you took so much from this that it steered you to a greater purpose, i shirk away from such things and would never countenance my feelings/ideology to one song or any music. that way true madness lies. however, and forgive me if i am mistaken, i feel your characterization in the review is exemplary and wonderfully expressive for ones own creative development.

YES the track does get boring, i know, and as i put in my notes for the track, it was more an aim to get a track recorded than create another masterpiece haha.

thank you for the kind words.

peace and hugs


Very ambient

I would suggest moving this to the ambient category since it has a more ambient feel than classic feel to me anyways. The piano is nice but the one note that sounds very high and long makes you feel somehow sad for some strange reason.

The violin comes in and makes the song a bit more gloomy. The song somehow tells a strange story.

You walk through into the empty and vastly large woods and become lost after a couple of days. You hear no one around and despite all your calls, the only thing that reacts to you are some native squirrels, foxes, and rabbits who simply give you strange looks and walk along with their daily lives.

You soon begin to live in the woods accepting your fate of being lost and befriend a family of foxes who teach you how to hunt. Over time you eventually forget who you were and live in peace wit the foxes for a few years. One day you come to a porch and some girl who is in her twenties finds you naked.

You walk to her and sit in the chair falling asleep. You soon wake up in her room all cleaned up and strangely wearing women's clothing as that is all she has to give you and injects you with estrogen for some reason. You begin to learn how to speak again but week by week you slowly turn into a chick.

After awhile she makes you into her sister and gives a whole new life and name as well. You live happily with her as you appreciate everyday you have.

Overall, a beautifully composed ambient song.

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pitbulljones responds:

Thank you for the wonderful review SCTE3. I kinda agree it probably should have been posted in ambient, it's a damn hard genre group to get listens in though haha. The imagery you've conjured up is mind blowing, how one can derive so much from so little is astounding, though it tells me that i achieved my core aim, which was to evoke imagery, to create an atmosphere. it seems i have managed that and for that i am happy.

Thank you again for the extremely kind words and epic review, I will be posting new music this week if you care to review it, if you ever have the time have a listen to some of my other works and share your thoughts.

peace and hugs



I'd change the title. If you say "Building Up" it implies that there is something it's building up to. It didn't really build up to anything it just stayed pretty melancholy the whole time.

However, based on the song itself. It was fantastic. It was an emotional road trip full of sadness and sorrow, I completely fell in love with it. Message me if you release any cool new songs.

Review Request Club

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you very much for the review.

The title is a bit poor but it's literally about me, making music, i'm building up again, working on tracks and this shall hopefully be the first of many to come. I am glad that you enjoyed the track too, as you have stated it is pretty melancholic and that wasn't my original intention but it turned out that way during production. I pride myself on creating atmosphere and taking a listener on an emotional journey and to that affect i have done so with you :)

I'll keep you updated when i create some new music, currently got an epic guitar track to set to record.

Again thanks for the kind words, they're always appreciated.

Peace and Hugs


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Feb 17, 2011
4:56 PM EST
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