General_Leo - Out of Order

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The drum part sucks but i can't do no better. I hope the melody makes up for it.

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Like it a lot

Submitted on my 21st birthday!

Very atmospheric piece of music this; it sounds like a pre-battle montage piece to me. Despite being an older piece of music it still has the same qualities running through it, in a similar style as your others. I think it's simplicity is what gets me; it's often the best way to go, but difficult to master.

The drums aren't that sucky, I've seen (I mean heard) worse. I think this music is pretty solid myself, right up my street. Good stuff!


LoneEagle responds:

Well now i know when your birthday is :D

Yes simplicity is as hard as making super complex beats, but wichever i choose i must watch out as to not get too repetitive. I think this track is a little.

Of course i've heard worse drums, i made worse in my first tracks (not on NG) :D The drums didn't simply came out the way i wanted them to in this track.

Thanks for the nice comments and the vote.

best version of this

seriously i have yet to find a musician here on newgrounds that can do this song right. you sir have made my day! you get a (Gold Star*)

LoneEagle responds:

Lol, well thank you very much for the review and especially that gold star *
But one thing i would really like to know is, how can this be the "best version of this" when this is something i created from scratch and that in theory should only one version of "this".

I know that the baseline is running in the quite popular and maybe "overused" sequence/notes, but the rest is entirely original.

Anyways it doesn't matter that much. I'm glad you enjoy this song Nate :D

Will the impressive impressions end?

The intro was really something here!

After the string intro you brought in those plucked strings, that resonated a great deal. Normally I would break somebodies legs for using so much resonance, however in this instance it worked AMAZING. I see resonating pluckingness in a new light, I learned something today, thanks for that.

The drum parts could use work, yet I think all they need is to be added to, not scrapped, even that has potential to be something REALLY catchy. Keep at it, even I can't make drum beats as well as I would like to.

The piano part really did it for me, the strings supporting the piano worked well.

And then you weaved it all together, and it flowed REALLY good, without a single note clashing with any other, THAT is a feat in itself!

I didn't quite like the effect at the ending, it got a little annoying, but still, it does nothing to affect the song in any bad light.

This I believe is my favorite piece you have up here.

5/5 keep them coming or die.

LoneEagle responds:

Yeah i like that intro alot too. Yea i'm having alot of problems making drums and all. I have a bunch of projects that will never come to life because of this. I'm not patient enough to really make it perfect. At first the piano part was supposed to be used as the intro to the song but then i decided to compose something to fit the piano in the song instead of having it the other way around.

Yes weaving is what i mostly do in the majority of my songs. I like to introduce something new as the song goes so that it doesn't get too repetitive. I too think it's my best orignal (no videogame remakes included) work on here.
Thanks for the review!

very good

youre right, the drums did 'suck' a bit mainly due to the way they were stepping up and down lke that repeatedly, however they fitted the tune and were still adding that little something to the tune. I really liked that sound effect you had at the end, where it was dulled/echoing together, ot perhaps not dulled but in the background sort of thing.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for another review. I appreciate all of them. Yea the drums are what is giving me the most problems because i have no practical idea of how to "mount" them and so it ends being pretty much jibberish, jibberish that i took time to make but still no good result. But i guess practice makes perfect so i'll keep on trying. Thanks again and i'm glad you like the song.

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Jan 4, 2006
4:40 PM EST
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