RL Superhero[nC]

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The story of me, noCoinz and my longing for a career as a superhero, and how it rose and fell so soon. I will never forget those days, and I hope that through this song the memories may live on forever.

[Quality may be bad, it's definitely not as perfect a song as I wanted it to be... Really hurts knowing that]


every day i went to school theyd all treat me like shit
i'd say it's pretty obvious, i didn't like it
so it finally came to mind that i'll stand up for myself
i picked up all the comicbooks, dusty on my shelf
it's been so long spiderman where the hell ya been?
all the things you do, man you make my head spin
i wanna be like you cause every fight you always win
or what about batman? stoppin the crime in gotham
reading all these comics, and it made the thought blossom
i wanna be like you, a superhero too
every issue that i read, the temptation grew
so i got up on my feet and the plans followed through
not sure of where to start, i just drew myself some art
what will i look like? i need a costume
or what to call myself, hmm the sonic boom?
all these sketches fill the paper and im running out of room

i wanna be a hero
maybe theyd compare me to someone like subzero
ill stand up for all the people, who really need my help
my senses so sharp, i'd be greater than mr stark
running through the park, a kids stuck in the swings
you like lord of the rings?
i made a new friend today, maybe he can spread my name

i do it for the people though, not in it for the fame
and at the end of the day i go home just to game

i wanna save the world one person at a time
so i started patrolling, looking out for crime
and then i fell in love, with this new hobby of mine
at first it was for me but then i looked at our planet
and i thought god damn it, somethings gotta change
i saw some kids get bullied and they all seemed kinda strange
but then again, i am too. what's a hero gotta do?
of course i got involved, and then my name got evolved
videos on youtube, sensation of the internet
i gotta get healthy so i tossed out the cigarette
my lung capacities gotta rise up to the top
the world depends on me , i know ill never stop
dont call emergency, i'm better than a cop
you can always count on me to make the crime rate drop
every corner that i turned, my name would get dropped
i made a public speech and everyone just stopped
i turned around behind me and i got suckerpunched
heard it on the speakers like my head got crunched
unsure of what to do, or how i should react
i contemplated running as a matter of fact
but i couldnt do that cause i got a fanbase
im their favourite superhero nobody can replace
so i stood up on my feet and i punched him in the face
then it finally struck me, he's a real life super villain
flew up in the sky, his laser eyes started killin
i gotta end this shit before more blood started spillin
we fought for a week made a mess of the city
my enemy may beat me, but cant take my dignity
i hid from the public covered in guilt of my infamy
i couldnt stand the thought of the people i'd dishonour
i cried myself to sleep asking whyd i even bother

i wanted to be a hero
one they could compare to someone like sub zero
id have stood up for the people, who needed my help
i thought i was strong, not compared to mr stark
running thru the park, my friends not on the swings
he probably dont evenlike lord of the rings
i took a look around, and nobody knows my name
i tried to help the people but i lost all of my fame
so torn apart i have no ambition to play a game


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Feb 15, 2011
1:46 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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