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Game Boy Space Waltz

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Author Comments

Sorry this is so long. I sort of like typing in a sick sort of way. Grad school will do that to you. I don't actually expect a single soul to read all of this (apart from myself), and I'd still love a review from you even if you don't read this.

So, Calamaistr totally called me out for my inaccuracies in his review. I have a personal problem with being inaccurate. I did a lot of research on how the Game Boy plays music. The "Gameboy wave" soundfont I found may have been nice sounding, but not too related to Game Boy sound. That soundfont is not being used anymore. This sound is from LMMS. The tune is now actually playable on a Game Boy.

Turns out you can't play more than three notes and a pseudorandom noise at any given time on the Game Boy. No wonder they used broken chords instead of block chords! For this tune, that meant cutting some notes out and cutting a lot of notes short. I put the weak drumline back in to counteract all the stuff I took out a little.

Also, RyeGuyHead said the bass was too loud for a Game Boy. Well, he was close and right in that the bass didn't sound right. It wasn't too loud; it was too low. The song has been shifted up eight semitones putting in the wonderful key of A-flat.

I'll eventually post a much fuller and longer version of this tune separately with counter melodies and harmonies thicker than three notes.

I made this for the Space Game Themed Newgrounds Audio Contest. I was actually trying to make this one mediocre so as not to distract from actual gameplay. Also, I wanted to make it soft and lighthearted. You know, maybe keep you from throwing your Game Boy against the wall after the 35th time that guy kills ya? Thank God Game Boys are so tough, right?

This tune took much longer than is sounds like. I actually had a drumline and a second melodic line but cut them out 'cause they detracted from the floating in space feeling for me. I didn't really get inspiration from any specific tunes 'cause I wanted it to be unique. I was thinking Kirby's Dreamland 2: The Lost Space Island when I made it, but I haven't played the game in over ten years. Now that I've actually looked up some of Kirby's music today, I realize it's pretty heavy on the drums. I've also come to realize that this is pretty far out (in space!) from the other submissions for the competition so far. This would have fit fine into some games though, just don't think space shooter.

The piece started out at 120 BPM, but I liked the drive of 200 BPM more. It makes up for the tone being so soft to me. There are a few more things I wanted to change about it, in particular the odd phrasing, but then I remembered old video game music wasn't that refined and didn't seem to have phases at all on occasion. I was also going to change the weak melody at the end. I might still sometime down the road. I used MuseScore to compose it with MaliceX's Gameboy wave soundfont (the only chiptuneish soundfont I could find that I was sure wasn't stealing samples from actual games and was free to use after hours of searching) and Audacity for a little editing.

I need to stop typing now. If you listen to this tune for more than four minutes or so, you'll probably throw your computer at the wall. Computers aren't as tough as Game Boys.

Okay, apparently the LAME encoder likes to add 5 thousandths of a second of deadtime to the beginning of mp3s, or maybe that's just mp3s in general? This is making the loop glitch. I'm used to working with midi, flac, and wav files. This is my first time making an mp3 loop. Any suggestions so I can fix it?



sounds like one of those videogame songs that someone can remember for ever :p

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WerewNC responds:

That's quite the compliment, sir.

well done

its a great little retro piece, would work well for an oldschool rpg carnival or maybe a score-screen for a game targeted at younger audiences.

also, the 5 ms glitch you're talking about is only the flash player, not the mp3 format. the first time the track loops it will have that tiny break but just listen to it the second time over and you'll see the gap is gone.

also, just in case, try using an sound editing tool like Audacity or Audition to shave off a few ms from the mp3 file. you should consider getting Fraunhofer MP3 codec if you prefer constant bitrates, since LAME is best suited for VBR. :3

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WerewNC responds:

Funny you should say carnival. If any songs other than Viennese waltzes (like The Blue Danube used in Elite) had any influence on this tune it would have had to have been the Song of Storms from Majora's Mask and the merry go round song from the ghost level of Super Mario 64 as those were the games I'd most recently played before writing this song. They are both very carnivalesque.

I tried getting rid of the gap with Audacity, but when saved (using LAME) it'd always put the gap right back in. I'll definitely look into the Fraunhofer encoder for my next upload. Thanks for the input!

:) :D

Brings good feelings back too me. Very Cheerful and deserves a higher score.

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WerewNC responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you found it cheerful.

Sounds very nostalgic!

I love the simple sound of it. Makes me think of those good ol' 8-bit games. Great job!

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WerewNC responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Its awesome

It kinda reminds me of using surf in Pokemon Gold

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WerewNC responds:

I never played Pokemon, so I've never heard this song, but I love it! Thanks for letting me know about it. The world would be a better place with more 8-bit Viennese waltz loops.

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4.24 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2011
1:39 PM EST
Video Game
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