Silent train.

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I think most of you all don't like this song, I don't care, it came in my head so I had to make it :P. Sry for the bad quality at the end, its because I have to upload all the files on NG with MP3 and a Sample rate of 44100... Normaly I use 48000 and Wave files.

Sry for the FX at the beginning. I wanted to start of on a different way.


PS. should I use another Piano sample?



Klinkt spannend en calm aan het begin!
Echt een snelle trein scéne in de nacht.
Sommige dingen zijn best herhalend en een beetje veel van het goeie, maar buiten dat, erg nice gedaan! ;)

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Adjeye responds:

Dankje, maar dit was wel een kleine mislukking :P


First of all, I hope you read this review with humility and with a sense of humble presence a producer of your experience should.

To start this off, this isn't trance. If it was, I would be ripping it apart EVEN MORE.

The volume levels are off. This means you have to actually move the dials in FL Studio instead of just importing presets and putting random notes to them. You may ask me what levels, I will tell you to turn them ALL down by 5%. How will you know what volume levels are good? Listen to this song, then listen to a PROFESSIONAL track. Listen to the levels they have and mimic them. It's not cheating, that's just how professional tracks sound. That's what you should be trying to achieve with your music, not just by what's in your head.

I love good inspiration tracks, but it doesn't matter if you don't actually spend quality time working on your music.

How will people want to buy this? I mean, I can't say I'm much better, but I can at least say my most recent tracks have been approved by professional producers. I have only been producing a bit longer than you have, and I've been a busy student, only working on a song a few hours per WEEK.

To clarify your "Author comments," exporting this in a higher sample rate would have little to no actual clarity in quality. mp3 @ 320kbps is hardly worse than a wav for most speakers and headphones. My intuition tells me you fall into this category. This has no effect on your production skills, obviously, but I had to point that out there so you don't make the same mistake in the future.

Now. Onto the actual song. Your intro is interesting, but could use a bit more definition and layering on the reverse cymbal.

The bass could have more layering. And higher frequencies so people without subwoofers can actually hear what notes are being played clearly. This applies to your kick drum as well. Please put just a hint in the higher frequencies.

Your song doesn't have many "changes" throughout it. To me you're just taking off and adding layers. No filters. No special effects. No alternate notes for the end of phrases. This sounds like you took about 30 minutes on this song and expect everyone to love it.

And for your piano. Yes, I would be changing it. Along with the notes.

For the synth you have going throughout, please put some changes in there. Put in a different rhythm, notes, SOMETHING to make this song more interesting.

The synth itself could be more calming and less obtrusive. If you "meant it to be this way," then make every other instrument or percussion sample to go with that type of sound.

To make this clear over the whole track: I'm a person of sound quality. I would rather you come up with the most HIDEOUS melody, MOST OBTRUSIVE synths and percussion but as long as all of them fit into their alloted frequencies and "play nice" with each other, you've got yourself a good song. A clean but unorganized song is better than the best melody but crappy quality in EQ and master.

The suggestions and things to fix aren't an over-night thing. This will take you probably around the same amount of time it took me...2 years (at least). Many many songs will be produced and released, most of which you might think are worth selling. This is where you should come in humbly and tell yourself, "not yet." When someone comes to you with a label offering OR a professional producer comes to you with only positive comments and reviews, you've hit that spot where I'm sure you want to be at.

Just keep working, practice makes permanent. Because realize that none of us are perfect.

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Adjeye responds:

I think it will take a week for me to understand this review, but I will work on the things you said. I see your point. Thank you for this review!


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