Dear Klazik

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Release the dogs, find the kid who's been pissin' me off
rhythmic Rottweilers with a lyrical lock-jaw
they call me Mister Dismember cus I be rippin' apart
faggot rappers like Klazik who think that this isn't art
but this is my mark and damn right I'll piss on your hydrant
Hip-Hop is my plane and I'm a professional pilot
don't mess with my island, cus I will cook you alive
run Klazik, cus I'm about butcher this mic
cus I can hold my own like laminate, you don't know how I manage it
this battle's two on one? Son, I'll leave you both in bandages
beat you in the guts with a bible, knock you out cold like Nyquil
this mic is my rifle, ammo's infinite cycle
lyrical psycho, a flow quicker than nitro
you doubt, but now I'm trippin' you out like you're trippin' on Hydro
you better listen to my flow, and then just glisten in my glow
you'll never be what I am, we know you're bitter when I blow


So here I go
Aww shit, here I go


hurry up and concede, admit defeat, you're filled with conceit
eaten by jealousy cus you can't even step to my fleet
my lyrical missiles launched from my base in the sea
you must be spastic Klazik thinkin' that you're greater than me
you're just a hater that's weak, now I'ma whip some back
you got the gaul to diss me when I got the skill you lack?!
want me to still hold back? Can I let loose on this mic?
or are you scared KlazikNadi what that could be like?!
I'm your worst nightmare, sleep for 30 lightyears
want to take a shot at me? C'mon, I'm right here!!
my fists are pocket rockets, I battle like rock 'em sock 'em robotics
you can't believe what you recieved in your optics
I'm the renegade mercenary, I went astray but now I'm set ablaze
like rappers that are famous on telly
so not you, not him, not any one of you bitches
can stop me from reachin' my dream of outgrowin' these britches


So you don't want to miss this
Cus I'm about to leave your face with stitches


I eat your insults, I'll devour your punch lines
then I'll infest Hip-Hop like audible dust mites
I'm runnin' out of patience, cus my fuse is cut short
I ain't playin' no games man, rap is a ruthless bloodsport
I step in this booth, a youth wreakin' some havoc
I'm mad at the world, so all you freakin' rappers can have it
I'm fed up with this racket, you can't hack it, I've had it
and you can take the mic, Klazik, cus the fact is, you need the practice
I'm a nomad, so mad, with intention to kill
with the skill to put rappers in place and god dammit I will
I'm 17 on this mic, and damn right I've got my regrets
cus I know I know nothing and that's as wise as it gets
so try to respect the kid who beat your ass with the mic
think twice before you try to take a stab in the night
cus rapping's my life, I don't have an agenda to lose
and when I make you eat your own words, remember to chew, bitch.

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Love the flow holmes!


InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Thanks heaps man, a score like that from you means something big to me.


9 bro.. coz nothings ever perfect :P

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Hey, closest thing to perfect is a damn good comment ;)


Hey Chiz, you getting better mate, love the beats, choir's fit perfectly.
Starting to get some good flow going now. 5/5

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Cheers bro, glad people are likin' my stuff :)


Hahaha! Pretty solid track. I kick it with Nadi sometimes, but that's cool, I get it that it's a battle.

I really like the overall presentation of this track. I'm gonna toss this a 5.

Keep it real dude.


InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Thanks heaps dude, I've heard your stuff too, it's pretty tight.

Might look at a Collab sometime ay?



A lotta people ruining Klazik's career right now.. haha..

You down for a collab?

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Haha, I think he's ruining his own by taking on people he can't handle, and with his own lack of skill. ;)

I'll check out your work, and get back to you :)

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4.33 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2011
8:48 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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2 min 54 sec

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