Color the Night (wip)

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This is a attempt at trance, this is a work in progress, i am posting it on here so you guys can critique and if you like it so i will have more motivation later to finish it, (and i just want you guys to see what i am working on)^^

Good evening and i am off -11:15pm-

i changed the volume of the drums and added guitar, and i think that is about it, more to come ^^

-update 3-
changed up the guitar, added another riff, changed the drum patterns, tried to make a transition, but alot more work still needs to be done any tips or critisizm or anything is appreciated ^^
[its now 10:21 pm and i have more time, i am fixxing mistakes i made and removing the extra drums and am going to try to make a nice transition into the second progression]
-update 3.5-ish-
bugfix update, i fixed the random drums and fixxed the volume levels (somewhat) in the transition, and i cleaned up my automation clips, so i don't have reverb where i am not supposed to, if God is willing to give me another day, i will work on this track later, night guys!
-update 3.8-
its morning i found out a few core mistakes that killed my sound, i made two automation clips of the same thing and they made the slider jump between each position creating an annoying buzzing sound, also i toned down the transition more and made the fadein into the next riff, hope you guys like!

-update 4-
changed drums yet again, added test piano at the end, i will try to incorperate that somehow into the track, any tips appreciated, also i made the bass a bit louder.

tip, if you want to listen the update, clear the cache if you listened to this track before, because then you will be listening to old version saved by your browser



Bassdrum really is too quiet. You really should be leaving the volume of it at default. No need to lower it or raise it in most cases. Actually I can barely hear any of the percussion. Sub bass is nice, but IMO layer it with another bass that stands out more. Effects are good. Track over all is very chill and simple.
Just keep working on it :P

tigger888 responds:

thank for the suggestions! I have never done trance before, this is a first attempt, so i don't know what bpm, what kind of samples, what kind of beat/kick. i will try to keep working on this track though, thanks for the review.

Very calming

Trance is not my preferred type of music, so I wouldn't know if there was anything wrong with this piece but it sounds great so far.

tigger888 responds:

Thanks! I hope i can improve and continue it!


Very interesting track you have here. Very trancey, but a bit of an unconventional, laid back, chord progression which is cool. I see where in the description it say you changed the volume of the drums but imo the kick is really overpowered by the rest of the mix at 0:50. Most trance has a very powerful or clear kick.

Anyway, great job.


tigger888 responds:

Thanks man, i am going to play with volume levels and mix, i still need yo make a nice transition and progression.

Reminds me of space

The beginning feels as though I'm staring into the empty void of space, with where it starts to pick up it made me think of futuristic spacefaring societies. I don't know if you've ever heard of a game called Mass Effect? It had in my opinion a great soundtrack that this reminds me of. However I would like to see it extended with it getting a bit more intense. Overall a great little song, but seeing it extended with some new parts, and it could become perfect.

tigger888 responds:

Thanks alot! If you like any of my music, Glory to God man, he gives me my talent.

Great intro now turn it in to the final product!

This is a very nice track it just leaves me wanting the song to kick into full blast at the end there.

tigger888 responds:

^^ Yay, i want to make it even better, i am working on new instruments, i upped the speed a bit in this new coming update, and i made the kick louder, so more is going to come!

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Feb 6, 2011
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