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Just a little song I made, explaining my anger towards the governments and justice systems of today.
Because I hate them, so much.

living day to day just mindin ya own business
but society will fuck you over because you got some grimness
you dont act how they want and theyll find anything to put on you
tryna lock you up for all sorts of shit you didnt do
you think youre really safe but youre always being watched
theres no privacy in this world because theyve kicked it up a notch
you think you can avoid it but theyre always one step ahead
you could try to run and hide but you'd probably end up dead
and if you ever try and fight it they disregard the words you said
they dont care about your rights so forget every word youve read
our own book of rights is as fake as the bible
they always point the fingers but your leader is the rival
you can never fucking win so dont even bother trying
the only thing you can do is live and try surviving
wheres your money going? to supply the so called enemy
never trust our systems cause theyre working with the terrorists

blaming problems on horrorcore i feel like i cant take no more
trying to ban some music while people rob the liqour store
theres people selling meth and theyre concerned for rappin death
these stupid cops should go outside and maybe take a fucking breath
maybe open up their eyes and realize it's entertainment
go ahead and take me to court read me out my fucking arraignment
saying im a threat to the public and my own fucking self
god damn rights you know i am but i still got good mental health
so you can try to fucking stop me from making offensive music
just because you got more power dont mean you can fuckin abuse it
but they cant control themselves cause theyre all on a power trip
and before you even know it we'll all have a microchip
planted right inside our bodies just from one mans evil hobbies
but we need to realize our own governments are nazis
and theyre killing us all slowly one day at a fucking time
your own governors friends were out committing real war crime

--edit-- vocals are not so loud anymore, i wasn't digging how loud it was. fuck it.

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Rap and rock

Really chill sounding here and the guitar makes me think of Shadow the Hedgehog strangely almost as if you were doing the biolizard battle all over again. The song sounds really tight and the lyrics sound brilliant. How do you not get extra sounds on your mic such as it sounding you are too close or loud on the mic?

The drums, claps, and other sound make this song sound pretty chilling, tight, and harsh at the same time. The subject of the song seems a bit strange but then again it's probably because I don't usually listen to this genre of music too often.

Very nice work on this, really hope you do well on the mix tape.

Review Request Club

Actually pretty alright :3

Hey EpicFail,

The production on this is actually sufficiently good. You've managed to synch the vocals with the beat pretty darn well. I actually like how loud the vocals are, they aren't too loud, which is the sure sign of an amateur. I would tweak it maybe 0.1% louder, but that's about it. The sample you used for the chorus (well, the part between your verses) didn't contain a catchy hook, or anything, it was just a beat. I just felt like that took away from the catchiness of it.

This is actually more entertaining than most of your other submissions. It actually has a message along with it, that you really have feelings with. I think it's because you're hating on an idea, instead of an actual person. There's certain things that need to change in this world, and it's better to hate on bad things and concepts than on bad people. Because bad people are still people, and they can change.

The style was very rockin', lots of distorted guitar. I felt you sort of bucked the trend on this one, which was kind of good, and refreshing. It's good to do that sometimes, however the snare that does that thing before each 4 bars begin is cheesy... that "doo doo doo doo dodododo ddddddo" thing, if you know what I mean. It's overused, really.

--Wow Factor--
Your lyrics were of higher quality towards the beginning of the song, but at the end it kind of drooped in quality and your flow got less dope. The lack of a recurring motif, or line, kinda makes this a forgettable track. It would be nice to just repeat a line during the breaks, so that you kinda come away from this track with something.

--Personal Tilt--
Probably my favourite of yours so far, but still there's a lot of improvement to be made. There's someone who raps similar to you recently: The Streets. Look him up and see how he does things. He's pretty good actually. Thanks for letting me listen, well done.

--Production-- = 17/20
--Experience-- = 15/20
--Style-- = 16/20
--Wow Factor-- = 16/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 15/20




Not my sort of thing

That's not to say it's bad of course, this is actaully rather good to my ears. Anyway, I did enjoy the guitar riff that the song began with, It definately layed down a nice foundation for the song, to be honest, i really felt it wasn't loud enough in the mix.

As for the lyrics, I think I can tell what this is about due to a certain recent bbs thread, but I think they worked very well, I mean, I acn't really comment on them to much extent, but they really give an idea of north america (Yes, I know you're canadian), but if I didn't have the lyrics there, I would somewhat struggle to actaully understand them, of course, It's not your fault that the mic quality isn't perfect, but I felt some sort of fuzz effect on the vocals would work very well.

I was not keen on the ending, I foound it to be extremely clich├ęd, It sounded to me like that particular section was rather rushed.

Good job, and good luck

[Review request club]

Luke responds:

Thanks for the review, waiting for a job before I can afford professional equipment.
It will come in time.
Glad you enjoyed it to an extent.

Oh, look at me, I'm so angry

I hate people who do what you do. The cops bust you for doing weed and so you claim the whole system is fucked because "the man" won't let you get high, then you write a terrible song about it.

Message aside, the guitar lick was repetitive (and hardly inspired to begin with), the audio quality was poor, your tempo was off, your voice isn't really suited for rap, you cuss way too much (seriously, go listen to some classic hip-hop and count the number of times they cuss and compare it to your shit), and music does not rhyme with "abuse it."

Luke responds:

i didnt get busted for anything drug related you fool.
also, not every 'rhyme' in a rap song has to be a complete rhyme, near rhyming works too. learn moar about a genre before you start talking poop.

F the system!

Great message here my bro! Can tell you had some experience dealling with these artificial bacon bits. You got really good energy on this, but at times some of the phrases were a bit rushed/slurred. For the most part though really good drop on this. I should quote some of these lyrics on my Facebook (if I wanted to have a visit from the Retarded-inCompetent- Menstrating-Pigs. )

Luke responds:

Haha, god damn cops monitoring the internets.
Glad you liked it man.

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Feb 4, 2011
4:18 PM EST
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