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Techno loop, i think. I hope this time the loop is not choppy. Enjoy.



Short and sweet this tune, got me nodding to it. Sounds to me like the penultimate stage to a snes side-scoller, its got enough energy to be so. Good work on this one.

Apologies for the response on "Wild and Dangerous" if it read a little off; I had a bad day and courteous linguistics had escaped me.

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for the review man. Don't worry about about that wild and dangerous thing. It's an ok response. I was just trying to say that you don't find that kind of talent music in that industry.

Definitely different

It's not bad at all. Good background music, or maybe foreground - it's on the border. One thing that I sorta can't tell if I like or not is how the first little section sounds all off key, but then the music sort of reverts itself back into the regular sounding music. That's a nice trick.

Pretty good overall. I like it.

LoneEagle responds:

Lol i hadn't noticed that what you are talking about. Maybe it's because of the pads or something i don't know. Anyway thanks for reviewing, i'm glad you like it.


Easily usable in any situation, I don't think its only credits. Its got a very tense and energetic feel to it, it can be used in fighting scenes, grand epic wars, OR like you said, in credits ^^.

Now enough with the "ZOMG I LUV IT" rant, on ONTO the review!

The beat was solid, it definatly kept the piece together.

That heavily resonating guitar was well used.

The pads you introduce are well placed, though the last one you introduce got a bit too loud, overpowering the rest of the instruments.

You used the same melody, however by adding new instruments and pads over it, you've made it far less repetitive, good planning on your part, I do likewise for a lot of my pieces.

Any and all other suggestions I have would drastically alter the song itself, and therefore do not apply to this song.

5/5, keep them coming or die >:D.

LoneEagle responds:

Ok, ok. I don't want to die. It's not my favorite song. That's why i didn't see it as great battle or fight scene, but more of an intro or a credits roll song.

Even if your suggestion drastically change the song, it would have still been good to hear your input and how you would have your spin on it.

Thanks for the review.

nice track good first echno

i like it, it was repetative but it wasnt repetative in an unpleasant way so its good, sounds a lot like a hero/adventure sort of thing, like something used in a anime or mange series of some kind...but not unteriely so its half that and half something else/techno
Anyhow good piece, actually scratch that its a very good piece and just like all your pieces so far you do seem to have put effort into it.
(or not if you think about it how the hell can i actually judge something like that from my position...anyway nvm)

LoneEagle responds:

Thanks for reviewing all my stuff man i really appreciate it. And yes you can tell if i put effort or not in it i guess because of the degree of appreciation you have for the song. Plus I don't submit stuff that i do in 5 minutes. I take my time, even if to some it may not look that way. Anyways , glad you like it. Happy new year.

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Dec 31, 2005
4:55 PM EST
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