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This kinda sounds like something you'd hear during the end credits of a movie or something...


Very Nice :]

I really like what you did with your string instruments here, and although I wasn't completely in love with the initial drum drop; the follow up was really nice. I really like how you broke into the ambiance at 1:37; this really reminded me of music that you would hear in like HALO or something like that.

Things to take a second look at:
- I think you could have eq'd your string samples a bit better for a more Full and Warm sound; they are almost there!
- Your drums could use some work from 0:52-1:37 (these samples sound a bit "generic" as-is"

Overall this song is really nice, and your really getting there :]

-Review Request Club-

ChineseCommando responds:

Thanks! And yeah, I wasn't a great EQ master during the time I made this, but thanks for the advice!

I love this song.

Hey, I going to start off by saying that I submitted this to the Review Request Club since I thought you deserved some more attention brought to you music. Now that that's out if the way, on to the actual review.

I like the combination of instruments you used here, they would seem to be a little
mis-matched, but actually work really well together and give a unique sound to this song.

There is one thing that bugs me though. Even though this song is kind of long, it feels really short. I'm gonna agree with Coop and say that a tad more variation would really help.

Overall, an amazing, yet over-looked song that deserves more views. I love your music, hope you keep making more!.

<Review Request Club>

ChineseCommando responds:

Thanks, Chris!

Building up

Ah, this piece is one of those well known, yet often overlooked pieces, which adds to dramatic tension, possibly while you're either in the main menu (out of the room, feeding or watering yourself), navigating through pause menus, to change your equipment etc, or just travelling from place to place. There is method to a piece like this though.

Without it, there would just be silence and the occasional click from the menus, which would be a disappointment. The buildup is there, with enough dramatic tension, that you feel something is about to happen. To me, the sound is very Prince of Persia or indeed Assassin's Creed 1, as the sounds of the drums in particular seem to resonate with middle-eastern culture, in my opinion. I like it, though I would suggest that the genre you use is "ambient", as that's exactly what the genre is for - the character or atmosphere of a place.

Perhaps a little more in the way of variation, to keep this loop ready for long periods of continual use and you're onto a winner, I feel.

[Review Request Club]

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ChineseCommando responds:

Thanks for the advice as to which genre, and I guess it does make sense. Thanks for the review!

Good song

I really like this song. It's very calm and just like you said, sounds like something you can hear when the credits roll. But it could also be used as background music during a movie.

I like the relaxing sound of it and it keeps itself very nice in the background. So it gives us something to listen without distracting us from the movie scene.

The strings are pretty good here. They create a very nice "ancient" atmosphere and they go along surprisingly well with the more modern background music.

{ Review Request Club }

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ChineseCommando responds:

haha, thanks!

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