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What in the Fuck? (Chromanut)

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Dumbstep motha fucka, brought to you by yours truely, Chromanut

if you want my for real-real music and not my for fake-fake music, check out sessilenomad

peace out

p.s. the scream and the what in the fuck are sampled from day 9, a muppet and starcraft 2 commentator



Far out... this is like a robotic dinosaur having a orgasm... AND THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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Chromanut responds:

thats hot


I usually hate dubstep because of how often people will just throw a bunch of stupid, distorted noises over some drums and call it a song, but this...

...this is actually something special.

The magical melodic journey, combined with one of the best production levels i've ever heard. It just sent shivers down my spine. The outro almost brought a tear to my eye.

Please don't ever stop.


Chromanut responds:

i hate dubstep too

Flipn good.

Hey Chromanut,

Everything is well produced, top notch. Drums are crisp and clear, the synths are light and beautiful, the bass down and dirty. Things don't muddy up at all throughout the whole song, and the 7/4 time signature is well guised by great production.

Things start off very trance-like and full of harmonics and interesting effects. We are led on a journey through your synth-filled world, and then things just break down into a scream, and then the title quote. After that things obviously get dirty, but well within grasp. It's all a very transcendent experience.

The style has a sort of "i-don't-give-a-stuff-about-what-you-
guys-think-i'm-just-going-to-make-the -music-i-wanna" vibe to it, which explains the strange time signature and the general shortness of the song. It also makes it seem like an effortless job, as if you churn off hits like this every week (you probably do).

--Wow Factor--
From the beginning it is clear that things are going fast, and then they just get more intense. The song begins quickly and ends in just the same fashion. It feels like just a glimpse of something great, yet it is satisfying in its own right.

--Personal Tilt--
I am not favourably disposed towards dubstep, but it's usually because they try too hard. Since this had that sort of happy feel-good "not caring" feel to it, I was happy to listen along without all the over-dramatics. Even though I have one of the greatest dubstep artists living in my own neighbourhood, "Mt. Eden Dubstep", I am not in the slightest interested in them. However I would like to hear you DJ one time.

--Production-- = 20/20
--Experience-- = 19/20
--Style-- = 19/20
--Wow Factor-- = 20/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 19/20




Chromanut responds:

ill have to check out that dubstep artist, never heard of them

i dont know how to dj, never done it in my life and i dont own mixing hardware

the "i dont giive a fuck" tone is totally what i was going for, glad you got it xD

This can only get awesome.

7/4 dubstep in an obnoxious filthy Rusko-esque style? Sign me up! :P

also lol @ super outro.

Chromanut responds:

lol yeah white noise outros are the best, so pro


lol. love the name man. im sure chron wouldn't at all care for this but know that I find it super sexy, super dirty and super duper. all at the same time. my only complaint is how short it is. it's like i'm listening to a strip tease. next time, take off ALL your clothes instead of just your shoes.

Chromanut responds:

if taking off your shoes constitutes a strip tease then ive been giving out stripteases for decades

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Jan 29, 2011
11:56 PM EST
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