What in the Fuck? (Chromanut)

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Dumbstep motha fucka, brought to you by yours truely, Chromanut

if you want my for real-real music and not my for fake-fake music, check out sessilenomad

peace out

p.s. the scream and the what in the fuck are sampled from day 9, a muppet and starcraft 2 commentator

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Holy shit.

What WHAT the the FUCK fuck!?

A Day[9] fan on Newgrounds? What luck! Day[9] is awesome and so is tasteless.

Also sick track

Chromanut responds:

i love me some tasteless


I still think it's hilarious that there's actually a group of people on this site that is dedicated to ragging on an entire genre of music. IMO, the less music you listen to, the less inspired you'll be. But, you know that saying, "ignorance is bliss"? Well, from your ignorance, COMES bliss, because you're actually pushing the bounds of dubstep to the limits with your crazy-awesome 7/4 time signature. While I think your formant bass is exceptionally cheesy (yes, I personally am guilty of using it and being one of the first on NG to USE it lol...but I've matured a little bit), and the timbre of your stuffy-sounding basses poke fun at the absolute worst dubstep that anyone could possibly find, the brilliance of this song comes straight from the rhythm.

Interesting stuff going on here man...but I personally would be hard-pressed to condemn an entire genre of music to the infinite fathoms of hell, like you and all of these other "dumbstep" producers are. Aside from Mt. Eden, you also should really take a listen to the likes of Gemini and Nero. They're epic as fuck, promise...and they don't use formant basses or hyper-distorted tones. =\ "Classy" dubstep, if you could call it that lol.

Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

Chromanut responds:

i actually do listen to dubstep, and while i agree that most of it is shit, im not a diehard hater like many of the dumbsteppers are

as cheezy as formant wobbles are, if people can pull them off, i dont give a fuck how cheezy they are lol

i've heard nero, from what i remember hes ok, if i were to call myself a fan of any dubstep producers they would be Bare Noize and Feed Me


Great stuff man.

At first, it felt like your typical trance/techno song, which I see being added to a lot of dubstep lately rather than it sounding real grimey and all that.
After the "what in the fuck?!", it got incredible.

Bass was great from what I can tell with my speakers, good use of samples as well, everything sounded just about flawless. My only suggestion would be to maybe use a bit less high pitched stuff, but then again that's just a personal issue I have with music like this, high pitched gets to me. After the beginning though, it's great man.

Keep doing this if you enjoy it, because I know we are!


Chromanut responds:

hmm i thought i did pretty well with keeping the high pitched stuff down, i really wanted the bass to push threw, seems i missed the mark a bit

Pretty chill

The beat is solid and chilling actually. The scream was kind of scary and then it just gets creepier with it getting bit tuned. Reminds me of those runners from Doom 3 actually who were giant and had rocket hands. The crazy vocals, and synth sound excellent together actually.

The drums and bass were pretty solid and helped make it loud. Very pleasing job here and not much improvement is really needed. Looking forward to more.

Review Request Club

Chromanut responds:

never playted doom 3, or any doom game, so im not getting the reference lol

glad you liked it :D

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Jan 29, 2011
11:56 PM EST
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