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The 8th track from my album: A.M.D Dimensional Distortion

Track: Heavy Burden

Heavy burden
Racing through the ocean of stars their hearts beating faster as they get closer and closer to their home. Their thoughts on what must be done. Suddenly they are attacked by a smaller Groz hunter ship and a battle erupts.
The enemy managed to break through the ships defences but Jason and his crew get the final determining hit. They board and slaughter the Groz that were inside before they leave it as a ghost ship. Jason hates the sight of death now more than ever, but they can't afford anything to stand in their way, they had a mission.
Entering orbit of the planet Earth gives them all chills.
They are overwhelmed by the beautiful sight of their home world even as it is dying before their eyes.
Filled with sorrow they think about what they have to do, their final mission.
Jason trembles as he reaches for the launch controls.
The hatches open and the bomb fly through space and towards the planet earth.
Sacrificing an entire planet so that the rest of the universe may live.
This was to be their final mission as they began to leave the planet behind and never look back.


Racing fast, through an endless
Ocean of stars, been traveling far

Countless hours of infinity, home is soon within reach

We push forward
Through the emptiness of space
My two friends beside me

Our mission clear, what will be done is what must be

Enemy from behind us
Hunters of Groz
How did they find us? Evasive action
Power the shield

Weapons fire through dead space
Closing in on target
Enemy fire our shields are down

Our enemy laid to waste
After we board
I hate this site of no return
But what choice have we?

Leaving ghost ship behind
One target remains

What a beautiful sight,
Yet sorrow fills our heart
Return only to fulfill our
Final mission

Bright light, of hope
A universe filled with life
Result... a planet dies...

Psycho bomb...

We tremble as we witness... the destruction of our home!


Leaving behind our birthplace
Space debris of misfortune
The dimensional distortion
Had to be destroyed

A heavy burden
Still as we leave this orbit
We accept the blame

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-Frank Johansen


Sweet man

This sounds awesome, the only flaw I saw in it were the vocals at very brief parts. Still gets a 10/10.

TheDoomrider responds:

AWESOME!, Thanx :D Keep on ROCKIN'

interesting lol

great dont get me wrong but this is why rock and metal will always be around. the song can be a awkward as possible and it still sounds amazing. i just have one regret.... i dont have my i-pod cord to download this song on the spot -_-

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TheDoomrider responds:

Appreciate it YEAH!! Rock and Metal WILL always be around :P

Great Song

Like every song it could use improvement at certain parts but all-around great and a different (in a good way) voice for metal.

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TheDoomrider responds:

Thanx for listening, and ROCK ON!!!!

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Jan 29, 2011
5:32 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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