The Loving Father

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Done entirely with Sakura and some orchestral sound fonts. Think.. Horror movie soundtrack?

Please listen to the whole thing before you zero bomb this for being "abstract". I really tried to paint a picture with this song.

This is also drastically different from any of my previous works. I guess the creepy stuff comes out at 3 in the morning lol.

Rate and review, tell me what you think. I'd love to know what visualizations you guys get from this :)

*NOTICE* Please listen with the bassiest speakers/headphones you've got. Without the bass, much of the effect is lost.

*DISCLAIMER* Also it may sound quiet in the beginning, but it really picks up after a while, so I don't recmmend listening to it any louder than you would any other song.

Lot's of warnings on this song :p


Who said a song can't convey a story/message? Amazing work; very powerful!

I scared.


....after listening to the song i got out of my chair and lost balance....

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Or4nges responds:

Creepy, no? :P

I agree with DJShrike

This was very interesting. I really liked the low bass and all of that. The lead makes me feel happy but with the bass and sound effects also kinda sad.. you know? I see a girl standing on a high cliff looking out at the ocean after he "father" Died. And maybe throwing flowers and other things into the ocean. One thing, I would fix is the "gong" sound? Maybe its not a gong but its at 1:30.. It was really loud.. I felt like it was too loud.. I would lessen the voulume on that.. also one more thing is that really high pitched noise then it slides down.. you know what im talking about? I didnt really have much of a problem with it, but i can see how if older people listened to it, they would probably not like this song as much because of that.. maybe you could make it less sharp? or just lower the volume? when the violins and stuff come in at 1:01.. That is amazing.. That part with the violins, everything is so perfect.. Also.. Maybe you could've added a little more percussion? maybe some panning high hats? something like that XD haha well all in all this is a pretty good [Dark] ambient song!

Or4nges responds:

It's interesting that the lead made you happy. It's honestly the most saddening part of the song for me. The name "The Loving Father" is an ironic name, because I wrote about the opposite thing.

The screech at 1:30 was meant to be kind of loud. It's not exactly piercing, but it's startling. I was trying to get an anxious feeling. I suppose I could throw an LP Filter on there and mellow it out a bit though.

And This was kind of a challenge for myself, I wanted to use no percussion at all, because I generally rely entirely on reverse crashes, snares and kicks in my transitions. I wanted to see what I could do without them :)

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. Try listening to this while walking around your neighborhood at night. It's terrifying lol.

very interesting

I love the atmosphere created by this. Sakura? really? Didn't know that program could sound this good. anyway, keep it up. The bass is awesome; my subwoofer vibrated the entire house and scared my cat. Thanks brah. :P

Or4nges responds:

Thanks brah :P

Yeah, Sakura is a really underrated program. Although it's only really good for stuff like this in my opinion. it's standard string tones are pretty lacking :/

Sorry about you're cat haha.

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