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(6:19) Quite long for one of mine, didn't expect it to be this long!


Your best track (I think)

Great music ! Fantastic.
I decided to use some loops in my last game ("Imprudence" = http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/352112).
Do you like it ? (people says sometimes that my flash files are too nasty...It's humour, nothing else).

FlameMesial responds:

It actually made me laugh quite a lot :D
Thanks for the review.

great to see your still at it dude

hey long time no see lol remember me? used to me called marneus_calgar1 if that helps lol its fucking awesome to see your still making that guitar scream like a little bitch to your demonic music lol youve gotten a hellova lot better since i last reviewed and i see you have finally got a whole page of music and are onto your second page. nice one =D youve got more music than paragonx9 lol. speaking of that, why dont you check out some of my music i did on fruityloops? have a listen to my ice cap zone one if you get the chance, im not gonna be submitting any guitar stuff for a while until i come up with some good material the only thing i got recorded at the moment is a heavy metal version of defcon zero but i doubt many people would be interested and i wouldnt wanna oppose paragon lol. anyways its fucking awesome to see your still at it and i hope you continue and i hope you enjoy reading this huge review =D see-ya

FlameMesial responds:

Haha yes long time no see man. I know you changed your name, i realised it when I looked for one of your reviews once and found the name soul_of_darkness instead of marneus_calgar1. Good to see you're still reviewing my music man.

You might be a little bit surprised to hear from me that I'm quitting my one-man-band FlameMesial to progress with the band that I'm drumming in, but soon enough you will all hear one last song from me to say goodbye!

And yeah I'll listen to your music after I've finished this reviewewew.

I always enjoy your huge fucking reviews man, I love them!!

Cya later dude. Whoops. Dood*

awesome as usual

great shit. I dunno, I don't mind long songs at all... I usually will have a normal length song just for an intro when I'm playing... I have to make an effort towards brevity or else my stuff sounds like shit when I get it down to 4 Megs... but your shit is pretty good, you say you've only been playing 2 years? That's damn impressive for that amount of time... I've been playing about 6 years... minus about 2.5 years cause I was married (don't do it.)... and I still think my shit needs a lot of fucking work. but anywho... I'll slap a 5 on 'er and be on my way.

FlameMesial responds:

Hahaha yeah, I never really intended to warn anybody about the length, I just wanted to say how surprised I was to find out that a 6 minute song was supposed to be 4 minutes!!

Thanks for the kind words dood!! And no, I don't really want to get married anyway!! Cheers for the 5s too man!


shit man, long song, but it didnt get old, solid guitar and drums

FlameMesial responds:

Cheers dood!! I didn't want this song to be this long, it's actually much longer than some of the 'masterpieces' I made on this website, including 'Rivalry With Life' and 'Endless Suffering'.

Cheers again.


Cool shit dude, fucking nice. I can hear a little Mudvayne in here, sounds bitching nice. Your guitarplaying is getting better and better, I'm impressed.

For someone who plays just 2 years, this is outstanding. The first little Solo sounded cool man. It's a long track but there a many things in there, that keeps it interesting. A well build track. Deserves my 5 for sure. Puh...I need to get my ass on recording again...>_<

FlameMesial responds:

Hahaha it's funny you should mention Mudvayne, my next song (going on my I_Will_Defy account) sounds a fucking hell of a lot like Mudvayne! But it also sounds like Machine Head and Voivod, so it is extra fucking cool!!

Thanks for the doubley double awesomely awesome review!!

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2005
2:47 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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6 min 20 sec

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