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DJ Dela - Energize

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This is a progressive house song i made recently that is going to be on my album, and i think it is the only one i actually completed and have nothing to add or take...

By the way, the silence at the beginning is normal, and please be patient to listen through the whole song, as there is a standard drum intro xD

0 bombers, die in fire...

EDIT: Fixed the bass, what do you think now?



I was kind of skeptical seeing as it was one of the songs at the top of the rating list. You know, the ones with three, five-star reviews made by the author. Lol

Immediately when I started listening I was taken to the world of underground raves and word-of-mouth gatherings. I imagined myself in an actual underground subway venue that had been abandoned except for the night that everyone was there to bask in the unheard of artists. I think that's what people are mistaking for sad. It's a chill, yet edgy feel relating to those secret meets.

Now the song itself is fairly minimal, which I very much like. (Downloaded by the way.) It plays to its strengths which is the emotion felt. The bass kick is deep and clean, which some people have an issue achieving. The synths are almost a staccato and kept me moving. Honestly, I lost myself in it.

As said previously though, the build up could use a smidge of work, not a lot, just some fine tuning. The chords were nice and I definitely can agree with some white noise/sweep fills/transitions.

8/10 because nothing is perfect and some tweaks can be made. I strongly urge you to try and recreate those synths you lost if possible. I'd love to hear it become even better than it is.


P.S. I only rate songs I REALLY like. I'm definitely going to take a look at your other work.

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DJDela responds:

Wow, I just don't know how to respond to this.
I am really happy I made someone else happy, lol.

I don't know if you'll like some of my other stuff, because most House songs I uploaded are not finished. :)
I have moved from this progressive style, and I'm making "stronger" music now.

This is a great, helpful review, which is rarely found, and I thank you for that.

great with the percs

melody wise a bit... sad? cant find the proper word to describe it xD
quality, well better then your 'Decay' imo.

keep up the goodies

DJDela responds:

Thanks man, don't know why it sounds sad to everyone though


The build up was okay, but when the offbeat synth melody kicked in it got good. It sounded sad to me when I first listened to it in February, and still does now. I wonder if this was the intended effect, but either way, I like it. One review below described this as 'club music,' but I think this is too emotional for club music. It's kinda like something I would make. It's a bit too reserved for club music.

But anyway, it's pretty good, nice job.

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DJDela responds:

Hmm, I didn't hear it like it's sad, and didn't wan't it to be sad.
But, it doesn't matter, I'm glad you like it. :)

Sounds good man.

The track sounds really good, the only problem I found was mainly the fact it had nothing to keep me locked in. The builds and the drops, didn't really sound like builds or drops, the trouble is you overused the drums, which didnt emphasize the builds, the second build you sure as heck nailed it, I'm not saying you should've repeated the second build, but here is a thought or something for you to try: Remove the drums from the first build, let the synth build up like it was with the cutoff, when it drops, remove the synth, just have the beat and the bass. This way when the second drop comes round and the synth is reintroduced, people aren't bored of hearing the synth through the whole track. Also you cvould really use some sidechained white noise/sweeps. :)

Other than that though, the production sounds good and I really believe you put a lot of work into this, but we need criticism to progress, right?

Make sure to check out my tracks sometime man, I don't use NG much anymore, but I will be posting previews. :D


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DJDela responds:

Well, you have great suggestions there, but unfortunately, I have one problem.
I deleted some synths that belonged to the song, and I don't have them anymore, so I can't export the song again.
But, thank you for your review... :)

I'm not good of a "reviewer", but I will definitely check your stuff.

Sounds. . .

I can't say this is original, but I can say it's good. Normal club music, with normal clubbing beats.

Since you can(judging by this) make the simple stuff, I'd suggest broadening your horizons.

Try some different beats, find your own sound.

Create something of your own.

/ \
/ \
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DJDela responds:

Yes, of course, I will always try to improve my skills.
Thank you for your helpful review.

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