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In the Name of Demacia

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Author Comments

In the Name of Demacia!
A League of Legends Fan Fiction

Warwick prowled the enemy's territory, stalking them by hiding in the woods. Lurking in the bushes, he waiting for an unsuspecting victim to pass him by - he was prepared to unleash his ultimate assault. He was at maximum stamina, and had made his way through the river undetected. All he had to do was be patient.
Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the visage of a little child being assailed by two stone giants. Creeping his way forward while trying to remain undetected, Warwick got close enough to realize that it was Annie, the pyrokinetic girl. Warwick lifted his right nostril in disgust - such a target was not worth his efforts. He turned away and continued stalking through the woods.
He heard shouting nearby - an enemy attack? Warwick burst out of the bushes, howling a cry of invigoration, knowing it was his chance to fight. As he rushed forward, he saw his ally, Malzahar, being pelted by razor blades thrown by the battle mistress, Sivir. Malzahar, realizing his luck had turned, focused his mind and called down the forces of the Nether to grasp Sivir into place. The terrified Sivir could do nothing but wait for a clawed mauling by the likes of Warwick. Malzahar used the attack signal over and over; its incessant pinging could be heard by everyone. Warwick furrowed his brow, turned around, and walked back into the bushes. As he ran away, he heard the sound of Sivir's blades rending the flesh off of Malzahar as he shouted in rage.
Craftily sneaking his way through the woods, Warwick took a sniff of the air and smelt the scent of his foe's blood. As he crept through the bushes, he saw Ezreal battling an enormous lizard. The sight of his blonde locks and slender frame sent a jolt of prurient energy through Warwick's loins. He bursted out of the bush, leaping onto Ezreal's back, his iron-hard cock ripping straight through Ezreal's pants and into his anus. Ezreal's face slammed onto the ground, sending him into a daze while the lizard continued to pound him on the head. Warwick shrieked a rapid howl as he hammered the rectum of the unfortunate champion. Ezreal tried to compose himself, but Warwick snaked his tongue into Ezreal's ear, shocking him so greatly he forgot how to call for help. Warwick took his clawed hand and shoved it into Ezreal's rapidly tattering pants, but in a fit of ecstasy, clawed Ezreal's dick right off. The lizard was too revolted to even attack, and simply gaped in abject horror. Realizing that he had just de-sexed Ezreal, Warwick felt his stomach churn and skulked back into the woods, his still-hard member slapping onto his furry abdomen exactly the way the way a dick slaps onto any abdomen. Except with fur.
Just then, Ezreal's ally Garen arrived on the scene. He surveyed the nauseating sight: Ezreal lay there, dead and dickless. The scraps of his pants were strewn across the grass, and blood seeped out of his anus and onto the ground. The lizard was dry heaving near the bushes. Garen, nearly shocked beyond words, could only muster a mere phrase: "In the name of Demaci-" before chocking on his own vomit.


Epic end !

Nice story bro ! Want moar pls ! :D

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2.06 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
6:46 PM EST
Voice Demo
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3 min 30 sec

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