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Lavos Core Orchestra

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Fun game, easy final boss. Still, the battle with Lavos's Core had some awesome music and I made this because it deserved at least one good orchestral mix.

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Ah, Lavos...

Chrono Trigger was, is, and shall remain to be my favorite game (the adjective 'video' is optional) of all time. This favoritism extends to its soundtrack, as well. You've done a great job with the song. I like it. :D

P.S. For the record, both Lavos and Zeromus are easy. Lavos simply requires Lucca's and Robo's last Double Tech a few times (Double V Bomb or something, I can't remember), and Zeromus, as huge and evil as he is, is susceptible to the Toad spell. Yes, you can turn the big hulking mass of pure Lunarian hatred into a toad. Or at least, you could in FFIV Advance. Not completely sure if it stuck to the other versions.

Whargarble responds:

Well, the version of Zeromus in FFIV DS is a beast, and I'm pretty sure you can't turn him into a toad. Point being, there is at least one very challenging version of Zeromus, and that is in the DS version of FFIV. There is no version of Chrono Trigger where Lavos is any challenge at all, with the possible exception of fighting him with just Crono and Marle at the fair.

nice song!!!

but i must admit. Lavos the first time through is not easy. unless you super trained. not to mention you can pretty much fight him WHENEVER in the game im sure alot of players were like YEA BOSS FIGHT NOW and got there butts whopped. Lavos was approprate difficulty for the game i think.

I never wanna hear that again!

On this earth, there is no man whom may utter the words "easy", "battle", and "Lavos" in the same sentence much less the same breath! Lest ye be struck down by Raptor Jesus! It's still a pretty good mix though, I thought it was a little soft with no ummf to it, but otherwise it's excellent! Still, that comment pisses me off! Go play Final Fantasy IV and tell me how easy that boss is!( If you don't already know, he was cake-work!) Sorry for the bum wrap guy, 5/5. Buuuuuuuuuut, I deducted 2 stars because of your insolence! take it easy guy!

Whargarble responds:

Lavos is really, really easy. Zeromus is not.

Great game

and great mix, i like it=)

Chrono Trigger FTW!!!!

I'm amazed. This song is awesome. I find it awesome that someone remixed it. And I don't know about ease; I still despise the destruction raining from the heavens....

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Jan 22, 2011
10:25 PM EST
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