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edit: I filtered out some of the high frequencies for those of us you listening in on cans. I added a crash at 2:43. refresh the cache or download to hear the difference.

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Not exactly dubstep

which is good because there are too many people sitting around going wubwubuwub. this took thought, and is really awesome, which is more important.

Quarl responds:

I must say actually, one of my biggest gripes with dub step is how over stylized a lot of it got. It happens to every good genre though. Thanks for the lurv <3


aaaaaaaaaargh amazing lead. this is what would happen if ratatat made a dubstep track.actually i think some crunchy electric guitars would sit nicely in the downtime.

sick modulations, loving the filtering especially. a lot of basslines have really obnoxious resonance but this is really smooth.

909 kick is a good choice for punchiness, much sidechaining going on here? it's certainly cutting through in any case, fantastic!

epiano comes back in nicely, fills out the rest of the space quite comfortably

pads at the start are the only thing that bother me, i think it's just the pitch bending rather than their actual tonality though.

radical stuff. woo!

Quarl responds:

haha, i love ratatat :)

Nice job Quarl/Ruqal/Whatever tha phuck!

There is only one bad thing about this song...nothing LOL.

I luv it. But correct me if I am wrong...but does dubstep actually use claps and not snares, just asking, maybe im wrong.

Oh, and BTW, is said "DONT F****IN RATE THIS USELESS" in the previous review cause its not helpful but it is not useless. Good song BTW.


Quarl responds:

oh, this isn't legitimate dubstep. i was just kind of doing what made me happy. it shares a lot in common with dub though so it's labeled as it. also, there is no clap snare in this song. a 909 maybe but no claps.

Fresh Sound

Loving the sound of the bass, could've mixed up the drums a bit more though. Also loving the piano

An interesting listen

I'll start with my complaint, which is minimal. It's definitely not the bass. If anything, I hate that over-chorused ambient pad you used in the beginning lol; it was just so...ugly. Now, this may have been what you wanted, but it's not something that I would have added, because it just didn't seem to compliment the rest of the song. Just my opinion here; I'm not telling to fix your song at all.

Now, for the good stuff. I really don't see why people have sticks shoved up their asses about your bass. In my opinion, your bass was fantastic. It was different, for sure, but that's not a bad thing. If I would've done anything to it, I would've taken a little bit of the reverb off in the beginning (or done the opposite and blurred it to mix better with the entrance feel). There was certainly enough distortion to it, and mixed pretty well with your sub layer as well. The genius part of it was just how complex you got the chords in it; typically when I'm working with a wobble, the complexity of chords just gets it to sound like mud, but somehow you got it to work, so good job on that! =D

Overall, this is a brilliant song. Come to think of it, I'm having a second opinion on that over-chorused pad, as I've listened to the song 3 times now while writing this review. It does work with the rest of the song...it's just...ugh...I can't place it...maybe it's just not my preference, or it just felt weird to me...and the main reason that bugs me is because I'm usually extremely open-minded when it comes to sounds, so I dunno why the hell that gets to me this time...maybe it could use a faster chorus rate or somethin? Not entirely sure...it just felt "whiny," but it fit with the rest of the feel of the song. So whatever lol.

Good job though woman, keep it up! (If you are indeed a woman and not lying about as so many people do on NG =P)


Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,

Quarl responds:

lol. im 100% grade a female. thanks for the honest feedback sir. ill agree that the pad does sound a little meh but i've listened to the song so many times at this point that i can't imagine taking it out. thanks for the honest feedback sir!

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4.75 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2011
5:47 PM EST
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