The True Hero

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Imagine yourself in battle. Everywhere around you, you see the lifeless corpses of your comrades. You see injured allies. You feel remorse and feel the need to want to help your fellow comrades win the raging war. You are told that the enemy has the advantage. You are very patriotic and hold your country with much respect. You know that this battle means much to your nation. Because of your expertise, you are called to go on a mission to spy on the enemy.

You are told that the enemy is rumored to be stationed some hundred meter north of your current location, a direct route through the dense forest that separates two plateaus. You readily agree and begin to cut your way through a forest with a machete. For hours upon hours, you slash your way through the dense tropical forest. Tears of disappointment reach your cheeks after hours of no success. Finally, you see a light. You whoop and sprint towards the enemy camp. Upon reaching the enemy sentries, you hide and eavesdrop on their conversations. You comprehend every bit of information with greed. You smile cynically as the enemies release their latest plans, of how they are going to try to flank your army from a secret hideaway. Your heart beats quickly. Your jingoistic smile radiates off of your moon-lit face. You rush away, eager to inform your commander of your mission's success. You begin to stalk away, your machete and M4A1 held close to your chest.

You begin to follow your path backwards. But it is hard to follow your previous footsteps in the darkness. By the looks of it, it is almost midnight. You are worried. You cautiously look up at the sky and see the star Polaris. Delighted that the stars are visible, you begin to make you way south. Seconds lapse into minutes, minutes into hours. You begin to crave water and some source of food. You hear the sounds of the dangerous animals afoot the forest at night. You are terrified for your life, for the nation's pride. You begin to loose hope. You begin to sway. You are done for, right?

Suddenly, you hear you commander shout your name. You gasp and almost drop your weapons of surprise.

You sprint towards your commander and inform him of the plans. He nods and bobs his head in agreement. He thanks you and awards you extra rations and rest for the night. You watch as your commander begins to shout out orders. The soldiers begin to assemble. You sigh with relief. You have done your mission correctly. You have helped your nation in some way. You have contributed to the world. For once, you have met your expectations. And now, you sit back and watch your fellow comrades ambush the enemy front line. You sigh once more, tears trickling down your face. You have gotten your revenge without having to kill anyone. You are the true hero.


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