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Depression [EF]

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A deep track, for you, from me.
Hopefully going to be accepted into the Dark Carnival February Mixtape. We'll see how it goes... ENJOY!

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Sounds sad

This sounds sad and yet twisted as well with the lyrics as well. You sound very sad here, are you speaking of yourself or a friend or what? The lyrics just reach in real deep and reach your heart making you feel sad because you feel like someone is just dissing the listener as if that was how their life was all their life.

The scratches and drums sound pretty nice. The keyboard and extra voices I hear make it even sadder as well. I just feel pretty sad listening to this as well. Also I real hope you make it onto the mixtape, you seem to have what it takes to make it all the way as well. Good luck with your rap career.

Review Request Club

Luke responds:

Thanks for the review.

The song wasn't meant to be speaking for anybody, but as I wrote it I thought of two people.
The first part, was my buddy who gassed himself in his car, committing suicide.
The second part, was about my buddy's relationship with his girlfriend.
The last part... Well, that's speaking for anybody who kill themselves I guess.

I made it on to the mixtape, got word from the guy throwing it together last week.
Thanks for the review, again.

Quite... depressing

Hey EpicFail,

The beat is simple yet the orchestration is pretty good, and the scratching is pretty awesome. The hook is pretty awesome, reminds me of Mos Def's "Mathematics", which is saying something, because that is the best beat EVAR MAED :) Good job though.

The lyrics are slightly better than your other song Conformist, and that's probably because Intaflex was on it, to be honest. I didn't really feel his flow but on some occasions you deliver some potent lines.

OK, so I heard some of SOS's songs and I think your flow is much better than his, but I still reckon that he's got a point that you could lighten up on the whole "666 im evil just shoot yourself you've got a small male organ" thing. Sometimes it works but mostly it just sounds desperate, e.g. the stuff about killing yourself. I mean, what about us who LOVE life? (LOL I agree it's the minority but I do :3) I think that's what topgun means.

--Wow Factor--
It's a good mix, and a middling-to-good lyrical delivery, with pretty top-notch scratching in there. The sample at about 1:30 is the most depressing part, which kind of makes me feel bad inside instead of good. I like music that makes me feel good, really.

--Personal Tilt--
So if you make a track about something a little bit happy, or something about what's good in your life, chat me up. I would LOVE to hear it :). But this genre always points out the bad things, and I don't like that. As a musical work, it's sound, but for my personal preference, I would stay away from this style of work. Thanks for sharing though, and letting me criticise you :) Makes me want to make a rap track about you :P

--Production-- = 16/20
--Experience-- = 13/20
--Style-- = 8/20
--Wow Factor-- = 13/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 7/20




Luke responds:

Hold up hold up... '666 i'm evil ...' whatever you just said?... Seriously? I think that ones of the most immature way of looking at this music.
There's nothing like that in this, I get what your point was but I just don't understand it, I appreciate the review, and all that stuff. But I think the worst way of looking at music like this is with that attitude.
Consider all of the other rap music you here, turn on MTV or Much Music and took a look. Their lyrics don't make sense, their voices are 90 percent done on computer, and they rap about money hoes and cars.
There's not a whole lot DEPRESSING about this, instead it's more or less REALISTIC. These are things that people go through in real life! How many people that watch Much Music have swagg buckzz and bitchez on their dixxx. Not many, because they're all 15 year olds.

Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at is this music isn't for everyone, that's a common fact. But when I'm asking for reviews I'm not looking for low scores on it because of the content, but rather the skill of me being the rapper.

Anyway, thanks for the review though.

lol look at ses still washed up

This song is great and losers like ses have an obligation to hate because of his ultimate historic flop on here and he has no friends after lejin destroyed and exposed him for the little bitch he is.

rip rmp 200-2007 indeed

Luke responds:

Thanks for the review.

this song is too depressing...

The whole song it sounds like you was talkin' bout getting played by a girl and killing yourself will make you happier? wtf lol
I kinda see what topgun means.. people wanna hear about real ish... not this emotional depressing stuff, u also gotta work on ur deliver too champ & quality needs touchin' up.


Luke responds:

There's nothing more real than rapping about the matters of real life that 98 percent of people go through, minus the suicide.
There was a lot more to the song than just a guy and a girl breaking up.

This is real music with passion in it

and dont worry about that angry hater. hes not close minded, hes just an alt account lmfao

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Records)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)

Luke responds:

Whatever he is, opinions from people like him don't matter to me. The fact is I make this music for an entirely different audience that has nothing to do with Newgrounds, I just like the constructive criticism a few people give here, so that makes it worth uploading.

Thanks for the kind words bro.

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