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Tricity -GST Mix-

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Hi there!

This is my remix of the track Tricity by ACINO. This didn't take me as long as I thought it would to make, ACINO's style is more similar to mine than I thought :D
Program - Fl Studio 9

Patterns - 41

Automations - 33

Plugins - Nexus 2, JunoX2

Bpm - 180

Length - 5 min 39 sec

Time Spent - 10h 25min (approximately)

Size - 12.9 MB

Genre - UK Hardcore

Three cheers to NG for raising the file limit! I can actually render my tracks at a decent quality now.

A super high quality WAV format download is available at http://soundcloud.com/sil v3ster

It would be best if you listened to the original first, just so you get the differences between the two tracks.

Super bass on the drums! Turn up your subwoofers!

If you like my music, become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Dj-Silv3Ster/1761677 69086116

Rate, review, and most important of all, Enjoy!

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I can really hear a very loud bass on this. Has a highly upbeat feel to it as well. The overall beat and feel seems to be crazy happy actually. Somewhat reminds me of slaphappy song but this could be just as upbeat as well with a little tuning and modding done to it actually. This has a very great feel to it as well and I like it a lot.

Makes me feel real happy and as if nothing could keep me down for a long time as well. Great piece of work doing this song as well. Looking forward to newer pieces as well.

Review Request Club

Dj-GST responds:

Thanks man!

Happy feel-good stuff

Hey DJ-gst,

Very well made and sidechained, this song has a definite polish to it. As you listen, it feels crisp and clear, if not a little dry. I found the guitar wasn't fitting in place for some reason - maybe too much bass, too much reverb, or just too much slap on the strings.

The experience is a happy and hardcore one, reminiscent of the genre that does not originate in the place you live but people enjoy it a lot anyway. Like EpicFail said, this would be great if played live in your local neighborhood or whatever.

Happy and free, this song releases all care to the wind and just hurtles along. It's a good remix by another NG artist, who approves of it wholeheartedly ;). The repeated synth has an emotional feeling about it that made the original song good, and makes this one even better.

--Wow Factor--
There was certainly a feel of great production and amazing quality from the beginning, which sort of deteriorated when the strange reeverbing guitar came in. But you could still tell that this was made very nicely and it had a little of the Wow! factor in there.

--Personal Tilt--
I like the production and the beat. The synth melody can get a little repetitive, hence people rating it down a little, but the reason people like this so much is because of its professionalism and feel-good attitude. Two things we need more of in the audio portal. Thanks for letting me listen.

--Production-- = 18/20
--Experience-- = 15/20
--Style-- = 17/20
--Wow Factor-- = 16/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 16/20




Dj-GST responds:



Yeah, I may have put too much delay on the guitar. For the bass part of it, I tried compressing it a bit but it didn't work too well I guess.


Thanks man. Maybe when I move to a big city I can play it, but UK Hardcore's not too popular in my small-ish town unfortunately.



Yeah, he's a good artist :D

Yeah, it does.

Wow Factor-

Yeah, a little too much delay on the guitar :P

Personal Tilt-


Yeah, it can.

I'm really happy to hear that it sounds so pro!

Haha yeah, there are some really generic and amateur sounding tracks on here :P

No problem man, thanks for reviewing :D




First off, I'd like to say something completely unrelated to the song: I love that you're from Canada, especially BC... Perhaps you could be doing stuff at Shambhala some time! Canada has a great scene for music like this.

As for the track, I don't even know where to start.
I suppose since I haven't heard the original I can't really compare it to that one, but judging by the original authors you review, you did an excellent job remixing it... I don't have a single doubt about that at all.

Real complex track, it is almost hard to believe that this was made in FL 9... I can't imagine how much work was put in to this.

Regardless man, you're an awesome DJ, it shouldn't be too hard to get your name out there in Canada, I'll show your shit off to some friends in Saskatchewan for sure, I'm sure they'll dig it.
Keep at it, you're great.


Dj-GST responds:

First of all, I wanna apologize for taking so long to reply. My computer died on me and I haven't been able to use it.

Sweet man :D

To be honest man, not tons. Thanks :D

Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Thanks for the review!



Oh lord this is nice! I mean good job mate!:)
You really gave my song a new life:D
Ok it was little bit harder than my other songs but you really pumped it to next level:P
Great beat and fx man:D

And hey could you please the send the flp to me:D Sorry i want to check those killer fx xD

But 10/10;)


Dj-GST responds:

Awesome :D


Totally man, I'll send the flp over.

Glad you liked it :D



Haha i got all excited when i noticed the bigger file limit :D.

You did fucking great with this :D haha. it's cool to see you've found your style and are quite comfortable with it. :D

you handled the mastering wonderfully, and you sound extremely professional.

The only problem I have with this, is that it is rather basic (only in melody, the overall structure is complex :D), but its hardly anything to complain about.

If you ever do live shows, come down to the states and i'll rave to all your badass songs!

great job, as always :D

Dj-GST responds:

Fuck yeah, it's awesome :D

Sweet :D Hell yeah, UK Hardcore is awesome :D

Thanks man, I did all sorts of stuff with Fruity Parametic EQ 2, and Fruity Peak Controller.

Yeah, unfortunately the original only had one lead, which is why I switched things up as much as possible :D

I hope to shit that I'll do live shows one day :D Just gotta get signed and learn how to use Dj equipment :P I'll totally come down to the states!

Thanks man!


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4.81 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2011
5:13 PM EST
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12.9 MB
5 min 39 sec

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