DJ NTD - The Sunday After

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FAIR WARNING: This is an extremely different take on dubstep, with both a hip-hop like section, and a dirty saw wobble section bearing similarity to "Tron (VIP Mix)" by Joker. Some will like, some will loathe. Constructive criticism > zero-bombing.

Also, output that picks up lower frequencies is required.
Another song in which "writing from the heart" occurred, this one more true than a few others. Without those sections with the detuned sawtooth synth, it's hard to even call this dubstep. It was a fun, DIY, minimalist expression of my blues.

This is a musical reflection upon one of my least favorite days: Sundays, especially during the football season.

Saturdays were near perfect. But it didn't hit me at 6:30 AM, when I woke up. 8:30-10:30, when we had our morning rehearsal. It was late afternoon, when the percussion began to play, the band began charging onto the field, the stadium overflowed with energy, and the trumpets began playing the, sweet, delicious opening fanfare: It was game day.

I danced my legs off in the stands, played my lungs out during half time, and relaxed my body and mind with my friends post-game. Early morning, late night. The perfect day.

Then Sunday morning came, with my head in a fog, helplessly clinging onto Saturday for dear life. By the time that I dragged myself through breakfast and brushed my teeth, however, the true feeling of the day had sunk its teeth into my brain and didn't let go. Go shopping. Clean my room. Do the laundry. Finish homework. Wait for the sadistic Monday to slowly but painfully drive needles into every inch of my body.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Not really hip-hop, which is good...

I hate hip-hop. The beginning reminds me of a lounge-y electronic version of a Charlie Brown song.
When I listen to the song, it makes me think of sitting on the sidewalk under a tree on a cloudy Thursday afternoon. It's raining, cars are passing by, I'm not really thinking about anything.
Until 1:59. I start to think of my friends, my family, those that have wronged me, those that I'm angry at. That one person that seems to care about me regardless of how much I ignore her or are a jerk to her. Loyal as a sister.
3:10. A drop of rain splattered onto my nose. It has gotten heavier without me noticing. Same clouds, same monotonous patterns of the cars passing me by. Not really knowing what I'm feeling. She happens to be across the street, but I don't notice until she leaves the bus stop, arm slung around her boyfriend.
3:58. Regret shoots through my mind. I wonder what I expected to gain from this solitude. I get up to run after the bus, but as I do, the time hits me. 4:30; She left 2 hours ago. The street lights flickered on, and I slung my backpack around my shoulder and start my journey home.
Relaxing song. I think this should be its own genre: Loungestep.

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NikolaosTheDark responds:

Thanks for the review, man. I'm REALLY glad that someone can relate to the mood of this song in that kind of way.

I'm actually looking a bit more into this relaxing dubstep subcategory. You sound like you'd enjoy Matty G. He did a set on GetDarker with tracks paying testament to old school west coast hip-hop/R & B. Really chill, almost funky. It's got me inspired.

Thanks again. I hope more story-esque tracks come along with time.


at the begining i was like, ah not again and then....

NikolaosTheDark responds:


Not trying to sound offensive (especially since you gave me a 10), but what do you mean by "Ah, not again"? It's a bit puzzling is all.


I like your classical music the best.

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