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Hey guys, this it it! my submition is finally done, quite in a totally different direction than the one I was aiming for, but great nontheless!

I was originally going to do a Gershwin-esque kind of submition, but it seems I'm not that kind of composer, or at least I don't have the orchestral experience to even pretend to do somekind of mock of his genius. So instead, I decided to do what I do best, wich is to go with my own feel.

As you can hear, this song has nothing to do with those previously submitted, for the "Epic" genre has never really been in my league, and I'm not really into that kind of stuff anyways! So here is a story describing what I see instead:

Reaching for the Moon:

<0:00 - 0:15>The story starts off with someone approching a creepy looking island, the hectic orchestra suddenly throwing a sense of danger, or imminence, as the hero boards the island.

<0:15 - 0:35> But then, after going through the bushes and climbing a ledge, the hero starts to realise he has nothing to fear from the land.

<0:35 - 1:08> As he finally reaches the top of the cliff, he gazes upon the immense landscapes, unaltered by the hands of man, and tries to embrace all the conflicting feelings they create inside of him. In the distance, he sees giant ape-like creatures previously unheard of.

<1:08 - 1:44> As his heart begins to settle, one of the creatures approaches in a curious mesure, a bit shy at first, but gaining confidence with the hero's encouraging sings. As the creature finally arrives, it drops on its knees and lowers it's hand to the hero. The hero manages to quickly get a hold and grip tightly just as the creature gets back on his feet, the hero's heart almost making a rest as he is pressed against his back from the force.

<1:44 - 2:21>The moment he gets a hold of himself, he realises the scenery has changed completely: the majestic trees that once stood proudly, mocking the very sky, seemed as puny as the bushes he crossed to get to where he previously standed. The hero sees, far in the distance, the biggest mountain he has ever seen. He asks the creature to bring him to it's summit. The creature agrees and walks at a slow pace, thought covering tens, if not hundreds of meters in the process.

<2:21 - 2:59>As it finally slows down, it starts to climb a mountain so monumental, it actually seems like a mountain, even from his point of view. As the creature nears the summit of the mountain, the hero wonders to himself if from this height, he'll be able to grasp the moon. But then, as he reaches the top of the world, he realises the moon is still too far... He then asks the creature one last favor: throw him at the moon. The creature agrees once more and throws the hero. but as he takes momentum, the creature looses foot and throws him besides the moon. Flying past the moon, the hero confirms a conclusion he had previously thought of:

Missing the moon, he had reached the stars.

Good night everyone, and the best of luck to all the other competitors!

Samuel Hébert

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So this was a nice story like feel about it with some good deep feel about it you have some nice tones in this one with some really nice deep tones on this one I like the visual idea of what I hear so nice job anyways keep up the good work


Very good

I kind of got a Final Fantasy III feel from this beat actually which is pretty good I think considering how much it resembles and makes me think of some of the towns in the game as well.

The xylophone and wood sounds were pretty nice. The tuba sounded very soft and pleasing as well. The flute was rather pleasing for the most part and I think I heard a pleasing harp playing as well.

I can kind of visualize someone walking along the beach or park area with their best romantic friend or pet looking around and just enjoying the day as they move along.

Overall, good and happy piece here, loving it.

Reivew Request Club

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review, I enjoy reading them!

I've actually never played any of the FF series, I should probably do that since alot of people have been telling me my songs have a lot of similarities with them...

Anyways, thanks again!

Samuel Hébert

Very nice.

Hey camoshark,

You did quite well with this one. I'd say that this definitely has some sort of video-gamey feel about it, simply because of the dryness of all the elements in the song. The melodies and composition is actually exquisite, and definitely portrays your background in musical theory.

The song well describes the journey that is outlined in the story, along with its ups and downs. I just wanted to know which part of the song related to which section of the story. It would be good to put this in a description so that people can follow your chain of thinking.

The vibe of the song actually reminds me of this PS1 game I used to play called "Tombi 2". It also has some elements of the popular game Final Fantasy; I could imagine hearing something like this in one of their games without question.

--Wow Factor--
The pure composition of the song is the basis for the "Wow!" factor in this, simply because the production takes the backseat and watches the melody flow along. The chord progressions and accompaniments fit together near perfectly, and things just move along with ease.

--Personal Tilt--
I like your work, it's very creative and original. It requires a lot of theory knowledge that I can see you're learning at school. It also inspires me to take a music course (if only I wasn't already doing Engineering ;)). I thank you for sharing this to us and letting me listen. Thanks.

--Production-- = 17/20
--Experience-- = 19/20
--Style-- = 17/20
--Wow Factor-- = 19/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 17/20




camoshark responds:

Hey, Benny, I'm glad to have been one of the last reviews you did with your old account, makes me feel special! ;)

Thanks for the review, I love them!

As for the theory, Even thought the song was theoretically engineered, it doesn't use any of the stuff I learn at school, for the simple reason it never actually occured to me to use cadences and that I've never sat down to think about my voicing, since I've instinctivelly written proper voicing since the first time I wrote down anything (wich is actually true, the first song I ever wrote is posted here under the name Battle of the Heroes)

The time cues for the story are actually an excellent idea, and I've been meaning to do it since the first time I read your comment (Like two weeks ago...)

And finally, I'm honnored to know I insipred you to something, and even more knowing it's along with music/theory. Theory is such an unsuspected weapon in any composer's arsenal, poeple here don't see just where it can lead your music, and often leave it behind. Glad to see I at least gave you a sufficient glimps of it for you to be interested in learning more!

Anyways, I'm really happy to know I made such an impression on you!

Samuel Hébert

Oh my

This is a great one man!
Like hamstercake said, from the darker feeling to the happy, more up beat kind of feeling was excellent. Use of instruments as well. I don't think I've heard a better audio submission before.

It seems like it would be a great track for a silent flash, just the music in it and the animation. I can see it now, and it would be excellent... I wish you good luck in the contest or whatever this is made for... It's great man, keep at it... I have no doubt that you will win.

camoshark responds:

Lol, thanks alot, this is for brokendeck's NAC, but alot of the other submissions
on this contest are simply too good to make me believe I have a chance...

Thanks for the compliment anyways, I'll take it as it is!

Sauel Hébert


This had waves and waves of different sounds.
From what starts out to be a dark and moody piece evolves into a happy, feel good tune.
I find it inspiring the way you have used the different instruments. It´s like they all are having a life of their own.
You have managed to make room for the listener. I can hear every instrument, and focus on one at the time. Why i mention this is because, when focusing on one instrument at the time, you´ll notice how many different scenarios this piece contains.
It goes very well together with the story you have written.

Great work!
Good luck in the competition

camoshark responds:

Thanks alot, I'm very glad you enjoyed!

You have trully captured the essence of the song, and seeing that you got it so easily prooves either that you have an excellent ear, or it's the song that gives that impresion. I'll go for both, but I'm sure you have a good ear nontheless!

As for the rest, thanks alot!

Samuel Hébert

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Jan 18, 2011
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