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[C] Dreams ft. Suddle & Rav

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Author Comments

New shit, 2011, suddle, Rav and Cajete. Holla at cha

[Cajete: Verse 1]

Wake up in the AM, breakfast all up in bed
No longer am I in debt, now I'm signin' big checks
Cruisin' in my own jet, doing what I do best
Dressing up so fresh, neva change my dialect
Even if I'm proper, hangin' with the rich folks
Best believe that I know, what it's like to be broke
Best believe that I know, what's it's like with no home
From the bottom to the top, many said that I would flop
But I grip my desire, till the moment I expire
Never gonna lost sight, even through the worse strifes
Manifest destiny embeded in my soul
Dream they said I couldn't sell, dream that I sold
In a world that's always racin'
Hate should, be your motivation
Never gunna let up
Get up
And make that cheddar
No time for sorrow
Cause we live for today, but we pray for tomorrow

[Rav: Hook]
Cmon.. cmon..
I'mma stop dreaming, once I stop breathing
Cmon.. cmon..
No I'm not leaving, cause I believe in...
Cmon.. cmon..
Myself... cause, one can only trust oneself
Cmon.. cmon..
All I want is health, love, needs, plus wealth

[suddlenuance: Verse 2]

i've been in the gutter im still in the gutter
ima be in the gutter even if I get money
im never gon' change ima keep it 100 hundred
catching all the loose change tryna get a full hundred
so I can buy things not fancy little cars
not fancy little clothes I aint buying out bars
aint throwing money up thats stupid as fuck
I've see people struggling around me on my block
there's people hustling making cheese off rocks
im working on music keeping streets on lock
I dont ever wanna be a rapping fallacy
talking bout all this shit that surrounding me
i wanna keep it real and keep an ear to the beat
cause' every time I speak you hear the real in me
im too hood to change bringing change to the hood
every word I say makes a change for the good

[Rav: Verse 3]
Yo I come through the spot....

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I can tell a lot of effort was put into this, but I wasn't really wowed by it. Both Cajete and Suddle came with some pretty stretched monosyllabic rhymes. The worst was when bars ended in slow, emphasized syllables (big checks) and followed with a one-syllable family rhyme (do best.) While Suddle had strong delivery, I noticed Cajete was a bit monotone and stiff.

Four stars for production, polish, etc. but I would have liked to see some more techy bars and more powerful use of language. A few bars (Cause we live for today, but we pray for tomorrow, I've see people struggling around me on my block, im too hood to change bringing change to the hood) were strong and had impact, but the rest of it seemed a little toned down for my taste.

man this is the shit!
love it man keep it up.


Rakoon has a habit of doing that.. he did it with me and now you.
I went from a "Southern Version of Tupac"
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/revie ws/169260/2

to somebody who can't "rap" or make "beats".

-=You gotta show sympathy on the kid, he has a soft spot, trust me.=-

That's why I don't even bother wasting my time on him because all he's doing right now is putting up an act. Just ignore it.
Even if you gave these chumps your address they ain't gonna do SHlT. trust me, I confronted they whole squad n all of em puss'd out.

They like dogs.. they go to whoever that gives 'em the most attention.


Cajete responds:

It's all good Ses, these n***as just don't know how gutta these Florida n***as are. I brush them off like flakes. Good looks on the review though man, appreciated


Ya'll got it.

I like how you just cut Rav off.. lmao

Cajete responds:

Yea, you know, FUCK THAT N***A RAV. >_<



This is much better bro! :)
I like the lyrics and the beat too, amazing submission, keep it up homie! :)

Cajete responds:

Thanks homie, I really appreciate the love. ~1~

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4.92 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2011
7:36 PM EST
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