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http://sessilenomad.bandc amp.com/

if you're into idm and ambient, i just released an album for 'name your own price' on bandcamp

if you're into hardstyle, enjoy this track

its not polished, the lead dance synth has enV automation issues, and the melody is so-so, it does the job i think though, AAAND the climax is missing vocals or backverbing or something to make it sexier, but yeah im not really planning on polishing this so enjoy it for what its worth

i will say, im quite proud of my kick and hard noise

fun fact: hard noise made with 3xosc



ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bloody hell ithat was bad

SessileNomad responds:

i try


Fuck with more hardstyle please.

Damn, NG needs a Hardstyle category.

I wish I could make a more comprehensive review but given my time, I've got a crap load of hw:P It really captures the essence of hardstyle in more ways than one, but I think the ending could do with more work. Also, apparently 3xosc does make great hardstyle sounds? Wish I could get it rightXD

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That's some pretty intensely awesome hardstyle... I don't even normally like hardstyle either :P Very well done

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Nice dude, very creative synths

Wow, this is pretty hard to review. I think it's been too long since I've sat down and reviewed something outside of my usual genres.

Synths: 10/10. Very creative, especially the effect near :28, which served as an excellent transition into the next section. I will say, I'm quite proud of your kick and hard noise too.
Melody and Harmony: 8/10. In the second half of the song, I can get into the melody, especially since the chord progression at 1:45 is one of my favorite types and the synth melody accompanying it fits perfectly, with the saw wave enhancing it further. I think you could have put a bit more variety in the melody though.
Drums: 10/10. Hard hitting, everything perfectly mixed, just perfect. The cymbals come in at the perfect time, and the snares and hihats
Rhythm: 9/10. I love how you effortlessly switched between 4/4 and 6/4 time twice, although it isn't as clean the first time (more on that in the unity section).
Variety: 7/10. This may be more of my own personal preference influencing this though, since I personally have a hard time repeating a melody more than twice in my songs, so I like as much variety as possible. The beginning is fine, in my view, but the middle sections like :32-57 and 1:45-2:37 could definitely benefit from a bit more variety, especially since 2:10-37 is a repeat of :32-57.
Unity: 8/10. Although the flow between the sections is pretty nice (more on that below), the difference between the section at :32-57 and the section following is a bit too "different", especially since it's in a different time signature.
Flow: 9/10. Excellent transitions between sections throughout, except at the aforementioned :57 point, when the time signature changes and new synths come into play. And even that's not a "bad" transition, even though it could be a bit better. Personally, when doing a transition like that, I'd start leading into it in the last measure before the change-over happens, like introducing one of the synths that's going to play in the next section at that point.
Beginning and Ending: 10/10. In my view, not much needs to be changed about the end. I honestly can't think of a way to improve it, and a voice at the end might actually hurt it. But you could put a soft voice or whispering voice at the end and have the "wind" fade out after it's done talking. Both are pretty much perfect though.

Overall, 9/10 5/5.
1 thing: You still do those piano dnb songs? Those were awesome.
1 more thing: I'd download your album, but I'm currently poor and really don't have anything to contribute more than a few bucks, and I'd like to be able to actually pay you when I do download the album.

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SessileNomad responds:

surprised you noticed the 4/4 to 6/4 switch, most people dont even catch it

the album is free dude, well its name your own price, but free is fine with me

i dont do specifically piano dnb anymore, its more of a mix between piano, soft synths and fucking crazy ass drums, idk i may give piano dnb a try sometime soon

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