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Raise Hell w/KlazikNadi & Mao

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Author Comments

KlazikNadi and MC Mao drop some bars on a SouthPawStyle beat. Enjoy (it's your only option). Cool.

Check the artists out at:
http://southpawstyle.newg rounds.com/
http://klaziknadi.newgrou nds.com/

KlazikNadi's word:

Double cross me and you'll catch ya double cross see
Cuz im a seed that will be planted real deep
In thee while I peep in you shitz and treats
While Ill Calmly approach and poach ya atshheetz
/Say fuck yo speak, bitch im from the mid east
Ohio mutha fucka, the midwests my speech
Ya a baby bitch; make me contemplate shit
Ya con ya shit is garbage shit
/Its what sets me off many times on the daily
Its what makes me mix buttercup schnaps and baileys
Butternipples in the drink or the real ripple
Either way liquor gets me pitted up like a pitbull
/Makes take rips of whip its and whip bulls
In Live or real life cuz Im the real nickel
Im deranged change needed to defame
These wanna be wanna fuckas at their own game
/Ya wanna what? ya wanna what a nothing
Ya wanna shot at me? shit man ya rushing
Ya words touching but they aint crushing
They just making me think that ya best be hushing
/Hush ya fuss and ya complaints; they stank
Talk more; ill defile you and you'll faint
Ya get paranoid and self inflict a shank
With a knife that I handed you when ya on crank
/Don't be cranky; ill take more than your blanky
Ill take your girl out and give her a stinky pinkey
While making a video to release with ease
Ya think ya shit but I breeze by ya. PEACE!

Mao's word:

I got compassion for cunts, but don't give a fuck about an asshole
If your asking, you's joke, I carry a lot of hysterical ammo
Trashing you? No, you belong in the recycling bin
with the rest of your family, or whoever is your next to kin
I bet you feeling lucky, rolling them up them dice
This aint DnD homie, you living thru the wrong life
Like lightbright, you're shining, but I'd rather unplug ya
I'd rather go back in time, force you pa to wear 6 differnent rubbers
and if this lil fucker, thinks he's know anything about the game
He should know to shut his mouth, (Ba-Blow!)cause Mao got the bang
Chainsaws and sickles, I wield hammers and axes
Practical equipment, this is how I get the answers
Vroom Vroom, you gonna start talking yet?
you gonna loose something, someting you gon regret
Theres nothing I won't do to ruin your self proclaimed glory
I'll take a shit in your studio, force feed you Kool aid and chorline
For me, it's just the chance to prove exactly what you is
A re-enactment of a fail, stay is school, kid
Chicken little, run, the sky is falling once again
Cause once I spin, I change the orbit, till the crazy shits begin
The way it happens,can't recall, but I sure know how it ends
with you face down in 8 pounds concentrated nitrogen
Ignite it, sneeze, get some fire riding up ya knees
Freezer burn you're fingers, when you're searchin for your keys
in the cold box, among with all the rest of you belongings
give it up kid, you're atmosphere is still falling
You've got no hope, you don't got no faith
fuck a double negitive, you can, but I will not break!


Lyrics were a let down..

However, Mao's verse was in time, which kind of made up for it. My suggestion for the future is try not to put so many FX on your voices, otherwise it gets distracting. Beat was fairly good, it was catchy. I don't know what it is with KlazikNadi's verse but the rhymes seem so forced?

"Im deranged change needed to defame
These wanna be wanna fuckas at their own game
/Ya wanna what? ya wanna what a nothing
Ya wanna shot at me? shit man ya rushing"

for example.. I dunno. anyhoo, props boys.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism InvasiveInsomniac. Stay tuned.

lyrics are low

not a fan of the lyrics but i like how you sampled zelda! well atleast i think you did cause that what it sounds like, when you go in the potions shops and stuff!

MickeyMao responds:

cool, props to SouthPawStyle with the beat, Im not sure if its sampled from Zelda; sounds like it could be though :P

BLah humbug

The beat was decent, but the rapping sounds like it's done by a couple of suburban high school students. Not a fan of the lyrics. Sorry.

MickeyMao responds:

Well at least you're honest, thanks for the word.

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Credits & Info


Jan 14, 2011
4:41 PM EST
File Info
7.2 MB
3 min 10 sec
4.23 / 5.00

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