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An Indivisible Schism

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Well tis a now song. I'm having issues with my percussion parts as of late. That is why this song isn't full of it. Hopefully you guys like it. The non distorted synth is the "Vocal" part, at the moment, i'm still trying to figure out if i want to add and actual vocal part to it or not, first i have to see if people like it enough as it is now :3

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Loud and proud

Hey Kirbyfemur,

I know from the past you are a man who is the master of mixing and mastering, so no need to point out your finesse in this area. The only thing I would want to point out is that this song has an unrelenting 'distorted' feel about it that can be irritating to the ears. The whole thing might warrant the softening of some slow pads, for a fuller and more beautiful sound.

It's definitely an unconventional beat for the most part, simply because chord progressions seem to meld into each other, for the middle of the song. Maybe things will become clearer with the addition of the finished percussion, but for the most part, for example the 2nd minute, I was hearing unordered cacophony and this may need to be fixed for less musically able listeners.

You like pushing the limit of how things are done, and trying new and unexpected things, but remember part of the genius of the composition process is not just making music that's fun to make, but also fun to hear.

--Wow! Factor--
Things are loud and distorted, but it doesn't have a sticking quality in the mind. A recurring motif or a catchy hook may be able to make this song more than forgettable, something to remember it by, instead of: "loud song".

--Personal Tilt--
I wasn't too impressed with this, but I realise that it's a WIP and most of the composition is pretty epic. The production needs a little tweaking and maybe fill it up a bit, but for the most part this is one step in the evolution of one of NG's most prolific artists that maybe went the wrong way. Thanks for letting me listen.

--Production-- = 13/20
--Experience-- = 11/20
--Innovativity-- = 11/20
--Wow! Factor-- = 10/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 9/20




Kirbyfemur responds:

I know i need more dynamics, but there wasn't anything out of order, there where just some beats that where in there for variation purposes, so that the beat wasn't to repetitive, but still consistent. As far as making music that's fun to both make and hear, the issue is i had fun making it and listening to it. I Can't just make songs merely the pleasure of others, that would make me a whore and just like everyone else who sticks to the overly simplistic beats/sounds/rhythms of most songs here on NG's and i don't want that. So i'm sorry that i can't please everyone, but i know along the way i'll find some people who do like my stuff. Thanks for your review :3


This song has it as far as melodies goes. The overall sound doesn't seem to change throughout the song though. The percussion was interesting and seemed to have some cool changes, especially at the end.

The beginning wasn't terrible, just not very melodic, but as far as the song goes it doesn't really look like you wanted a melodic feel. It does seem a bit retro as well.

The mixing was done very well, and the percussion was probably the songs strong point in my opinion. This isn't something I'd ever listen to voluntarily, but regardless I can still appreciate someone else's hard work and talent.


Kirbyfemur responds:

Woot! More production praise! But yeah, most of my songs aren't that melodic, but if it calls for it, i'll put it in. :3


At first I wasn't feeling this at all, mostly because of the heavy static at the beginning that SCTE3 had mentioned. After all that is over and dealt with, it gets very catchy.
Extremely well put together, I think I'd have a hard time mixing a track like this, so you definitely did a good job at that.
Somehow reminds me of a sort of song to be in a video game trailer, classic arcade style game, maybe like Castlevania or something... No idea why, but that's what I'm feeling!

Digging it though man, good stuff for sure. Looking forward to see what else you can come out with!

Kirbyfemur responds:

Well as i said with SCT i like dissonance, and it might come off as painful to others, so i am sorry that it hurts yourguys's ears. But you've sometimes got to push past a difficult part in order to get to that in which you might like rather than always having something out there that is only supposed to sound nice :3


The beginning with heavy static kind of made my ears hurt for a moment and after the sound stops it begins to sound pretty good. Kind of makes me feel nostalgic. I think this would fit a lot better under the video game theme or industrial theme as well since that's what it sounds like anyways.

The flow is pretty cool too. The synth and the chiptune drums sound very nice to say the least. The bass adds to the song and makes it very chilling as well. The crystal sound is very pleasing as well to the ears. The chiptune parts that stand alone are very cool as well.

The overall flow of the song seems to be rapid and then slowing down on some parts as well. A very good song, really liking it. Hope to hear more in the future.

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Kirbyfemur responds:

The static comes mostly from the heavy dissonance that the instruments are playing, and i like dissonance, i do apologize for the painfulness, but it's a part of the song that i can't see myself taking out. I'm glad that even with the painfulness you could enjoy it :3

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Jan 13, 2011
5:41 PM EST
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