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sickly broken ambience retro sin beats and 180bpm glitch



a more conventional dance track to begin with, once it breaks into the fast beat it really starts to tick. shame u didnt build it into something more substantial because that beat has a really nice grain and movement to its sound. storming
im happy enough just with that little blast :) reaktor kicking ass again? hehe

LJCoffee responds:

Yep - Reaktor5.

This is still one of my favorites. I know it was short but it had to be..

So here's the visual - the beginning is a little sad a little worn down - then the first percussion is introduced as small taste of a pseudo-militaristic/industrial war machine steam powered kind of thing...

The of course out of nowhere the manic drums and everything gets hectic for just a bit - and then we're left again with the sad aftermath and confusion of what the fuck just happened...

Which is why it's named Blitz - as in London...

I have a Flash Animation in mind to go with it but it'll take me a thousand years to finish - I just don't have the time...


Wow, I've been too much of an inactive idiot not to review this.

I could tell right away how you patterned the beats and some idea how you made them, and it's very intricate and well placed, you probably put a lot of time in constructive and cropping them

Modest and simple plucks that form a flowy atmosphere,

A lot of people said it was short, I think it would've sounded amazing with some powerful bass blasts and more touch ups on the atmosphere.

But apart from that, it's awesome.

LJCoffee responds:

Holy crap-nuggets! - It's January 2007 and I never noticed, until now, that I left your comments unresponded!

I'm really sorry about that - I guess It slipped by.

Damn I wish that there were an easy way to tell when a track had a new review.

Pleeeeease forgive meeeeee!!!

CSI eat your heart out

yo dude i was looking at diffrent pieces of evidence when i heard your track i came to the conclusion that this is cool doode. So your the audio defense minister correct well i am very intrested in that group thier check me out if you want Peace syntrus out (0_0)

LJCoffee responds:

Cool , glad you liked it. I see you're joining the NGDD - I'll get around to reviewing your stuff also.


Bro this is so kickin man. I don't even know what to say other than I WANT THAT! WHY NOT ME?!

Great sound. You should look into doing music for film. Either way, I do, and I would love for you to make this happen to one of the themes that I'm working on for a student film at FSU. If you're interested respond so and I'll get you a copy of the theme I want LJC-ized. haha.


LJCoffee responds:

FSU? - no shit huh - I'm right down in Tampa. I'll send an email also but I'm always willing to try to help out. There's another NG guy up your way - AdmiralConquistador - I think he might go to FSU also not 100% sure though - he's also into video - hell, you might even be in a class or two with him and not even know it...

Student films eh? That's awesome - part of my job is video editing and DVD authoring so it sounds like we have a few things in common.

I'll definitely be talking to you.


This is fucking sweet. I've been looking for music with the 'do you know squarepusher' sound, and this is definitely feeding my appetite :)

Needs to be longer though >:U

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks man - After a few listens I decided the same - really needs to be much much longer - Funny you should mention - I'm currently working on a longer piece a-la-Squarepusher-esque - but I'm having a few problems with it - should be done sometime in the next year and a half..

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Dec 22, 2005
3:39 PM EST
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