=Ban On Mondays=

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Mondays really suck.
- Everyone

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6 seconds in and i

do not regret it

Mondays are stupid

This song is great, but the title really ruined my day... just kidding. Total EPICsause.

Not bad

I like the sound of it quite a bit. Really bouncy and fast paced. The synths are good, and the percussion mixes well, but I find myself wishing it was longer.

My favorite songs are ones like these where you can't grasp the layers because it's all too ridiculous and fast to really think about the production.

I wish my Mondays were like this :(

Overall I'd be happier with this if it was longer. Just seems a bit short-lived, great sound though.


Hades responds:

Yeah, having a Monday like this one would probably be mad fun all around! ;) Thanks for the comment!

Bopping around

This track really gets one pretty pumped, with its fast pace.

It sort of gives me that impression of what happens when you've had a good weekend of sleeping and doing nothing particular, then oversleeping on Monday.
You're like "oh shit", get up and start your morning routine, but in a really rushy manner.

I hear a lot of creativity in little melodies, flying all over the place. Riffs everywhere, constantly changing, while still hanging together as a whole. I do like the complexity of it all.

Mostly I can actually form an idea of the layers of instruments in a song, but with this one that's pretty hard, with so much being meshed through each other.

I like the video-gamey feel at the start. Somehow you mix in other sounds that make it no longer sound that much like a video game, in a sudden, yet subtle way. Interesting.

On the first listen, I imagined it was going to be a loop, seeing as it keeps going right up until the end. But you still did end it right there, and it didn't even sound wrong; rather, it fit the established theme.

So yeah, good job on this. I've actually used to this to keep myself going with coding rather than getting distracted. It keeps you going with its energy.

And I'm rambling on randomly. Let's say that's enough. Keep up the good work Hades. :)

Hades responds:

I think it really does call that "overslept monday" feel you mentioned, not that oversleeping on mondays is always a problem in my view. :P

The riffs and melodies are something I really like to doodle with, and I guess that this song was no exception. And the layering was intentionally so over-saturated, I actually wanted it to end up with so many noises it was borderline irritating. Then I realized that would probably be seen as a bad thing, so I kinda scrapped it. XD

The video game-ish feel is because when I actually started working on it, it was intended to be something like that, but eventually it evolved into this. And I think I'm happy with it that way.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to review, man! ;)


He always hated Mondays but I really like this song. Sounds very good as well to me. The fast pace is pretty cool. Would really love to see this used in a fast paced side scrolling game too. The drums sound rapid and amazing. The synth sounds cheesy and funny and the bass sounds really fast and rapid which is pretty cool anyways.

Kind of makes me feel like I have to go really fast to get somewhere as well too. Really good and fast paced tuen though, really cool.

Overall, you did a really good job on this piece, nice work.

Hades responds:

Yeah, the Garfield bit - that came to me only after I wrote this one! But I agree with him, Mondays really are the bottom of the food chain when it comes to days of the week. ;)

The synths were meant to be kinda cheesy to emphasize the silliness, and I have to admit I'm pleased with how they came out! :) Thanks a lot for taking the time to review!

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Jan 10, 2011
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