-MiB!- Lost In The Dark [hc]

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i dont know if this is hardcore or what ever this was my try at it :D lol
okay i know theres alot wrong! but let me know what you think! and how to get better:D
if you zero bomb it rant on about why. i dont mind.
ill review your stuff if you do mine!



Kick is wayyyy too over bassed.. you need a better kick for this type of music.. i could send one if you'd like? haha.. like i said in the demo.. I love the way how it goes from the piano into the synth.. but that kick.. just ruins it :\ on some of the build ups, you should put some snare rolls.. that would help transition better and would fill it up.. ummm at 2:30.... im really not sure what just happened.. it was like an off beat transfer.. it sounds really really odd. also.. just have the audience come in once.. not like 5 times.. no offence but it gets kind of annoying after awhile. also all through out the song there are like.. "misplaced" kicks.. im not sure if you ment to do that.. but it sounds like they arent on the regualr beat.. anyways.. the synth that starts at 2:36.. starts off really good! Its a great sound.. but it isnt full at alll.. you need to work with pads.. alot.. all throughout this song you need that alot to fill out this song. Its not a terrible song.. i could see it becoming pretty good.. i hope i gave good enough constructive critisism.. last thing.. at 3:27.. it just kind of.. "ends"... it would sound better if it faded out.. just a little tip : P
anyways.. its not bad, but first you really need to fix that kick problem! haha keep working on your music! your getting better and better man!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

haha yes i relized the croud sound is horable-.- at first it was like omg this is cool ! but ya after like the day i maid thisi thought it was a waste of time. padwork is still needing to be done cos i thought the croud would make up for the lack of it. but once agen i relized i was wrong :D ofbeat kicks... hmm yea i see how they are really offbeat. i did mean to to a point but this was one of the moments where it sounds good in my head but not as a hole. overbasey -.- ya it is i just started makeing kicks
if you would give me a sample of how you make urs or just a sample. ill look better in to how to make them. i glanced at a tot on how to make them but ive been trying to avoid watching them cos i like makeing my own sounds and if i watch it to much i fill like im copying! snare roles and what not. havent got that far in to the song to get there yet-.- been busy packing to move so ya.
i can tell they are getting better but i still dont think there that good-.- but they def are getting better :D thanks fer all ur help!
pm me for my email if you wanna send the sample if you can send a flp with a kick set up and stuff !


crowded vocals make it less interesting.
thats 1 thing ive learned from others.
it really does.

the kicks are waaaay overbased in the beginning and around 2 min also.

but i guess youve grown much more into hardcore stuff if i talk abt the melody's :)
so keep it up.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

already diming them down i had to do one okay song with them ya know? onlythign i like is the part where there claping!
i like bass tho D: i like it in my car ^.^ fills nice in good!
ill tweak it lower tho cos i want more distorted thin bass:p ill just turn them up louder! im getting there atleast i think so the synths have alot more depth to them in this song and i like! thanks for the helps tho! :D im learning alot just takes time x.x
ive been working on makeing my own leads lately to -.- not going so well ! my next songs going to be a tish dif thin this by a tish i mean alot lol

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