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Finally over :D. So, after BrokenDeck and Chronamut organised the Orchestral NAC (http://www.newgrounds.co m/bbs/topic/1222598), I was very tempted to join. Basically you have to make a song (max of 5 minutes long) which uses orchestra. The use of orchestral instruments has to be dominant throughout the track, but we are allowed to use synthetic instruments as long as they don't carry the melody or are the primary focus of the track.

First things first - turn your volume up if you'd like to experience this a bit better. I've got this at a pretty low volume to avoid clipping, since I suck too much at mixing. Anyway, this took me a while to do. I tried to give it oriental influences, especially with the congas/bongos and sitar. The main carriers of the melody are the legato strings, but there are various parts where the brass and woodwind take over in quieter parts.

As for the melody, I had it in my mind for weeks. It started with me playing D harmonic minor on the piano, and I messed up a part by mistake. I played Bb C, C# instead of Bb and C# towards the end of the scale, but then I realised it sounded pretty good and it slowly evolved into a melody. The alternate melodies were taken and remade from some old ideas I had made ages ago, along with some melodies I thought up while making the song.

Anyway, this uses Ethnoworld 3 for the sitar, shakers, some gong-like thing and the bongos/congas, East/West Symphonic Orchestra Silver for the English Horn, French Horn, Double Bass, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, some other gong and cymbal sounds and the various percussion such as the vibra-slap and woodblocks, I used Stormdrum Kompakt for the thumping percussion in the background along with some more cymbals, I used Magnus Choir for the fading choir effect used throughout the song, and lastly I used a very random wav sample for another gong sound, heavily EQ'd to sound cooler.

This has a few tempo changes, crescendos, decrescendos, and all sorts of dynamic variation as a desperate attempt to try and make it sound interesting. Towards the end it reaches a climax and lastly it ends with a loud hit.

Orchestral definitely isn't one of my main genres, but I listen to it a lot so I hope this didn't come out that bad. Worked very hard on it, and I'll probably edit it later on to add to it, but for now this is what I've got. My main goal is to at least make it to the 8 finalists in the competition, since there are already a tonne of very talented artists showing up in the competition and I very much doubt I'll beat them. Still, wish me luck!

Oh and sorry for the slightly bad quality. I had to record the song directly from FL Studio with the Edison since exporting it normally brought some, let's say ear-piercing, problems. Thanks for listening and I apologise for the long author's comments!

EDIT: By the way, forgot to say - sorry for the lack of panning. As a lot of you probably know, I'm deaf from one ear, so I can't pan :c.



With your premition i would like to use it in a game im making?

Step responds:

Sure thing :).


wow, this is really nice. keep it up :)

Step responds:

Thanks. I'll try :3.

A Legend among Legends

The song is really good. You think little of yourself when you think your skills are bad. This song is rather good (and well named). I wouldn't be surprised if this song ended up in a game (hint hint).

Step responds:

Thanks a lot for the supportive review. I don't know how easily this could fit in a game because it doesn't loop and has loads of mood changes, but I'd love it if this went in a game :D.

Glad you enjoyed the song!

Nailed it perfectly!

The song sounds simply awesome. Listening to this makes it very hard to belive that you don't write classical very often. Very powerful, with a slight middle-eastern feel to it. Many moods in this one, it sounds extremely cinematic. I can imagine this playing as the main theme of some major motion picture.

Good luck in the contest, and nice job! 10/10

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Step responds:

Wow, thanks! Even though I rarely make orchestral, I guess I owe it all to East/West Silver, definitely the best VST I ever worked with.

Thanks again, glad you liked it, and good luck to you too!

Nailed it like a Jolly Peasant

Wow, that eastern feel is almost magical. You captured it very well, and, since I have no clue what "panning" is, the lack of it didn't detract from the piece at all.

My favorite part is definitely the opening, the way it builds and builds before coming in with the strong percussion in the background. Yum. Seems like the perfect soundtrack to a desert journey.

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Step responds:

Thanks for reviewing!

Actually I'm really happy that everyone's thinking of this as a desert soundtrack actually, since that's exactly what I had in mind :3.

Oh and panning is making certain sounds play more on one speaker than on the other, to achieve a fuller, stereo sound.

Thanks again for the review, it's greatly appreciated!

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