Muirin's Dream

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EDIT: For best quality, download the wav version. :)

So, after so many hours of production, I've finally finished this baby up....for now at least. I thought about adding my vocal to it, but then I thought, I don't want to take away from the true concept any more than what I might have already, with sound effects or whatnot. I figured this should be a true orchestral piece. :) Anyway, enjoy. I may update this if I find stuff wrong, but I'm sort of satisfied with it considering. Now, if the audio is sort of messed up, I just have a really crappy soundcard and computer, so I just can't help it. It's the thought that counts though, right? Anyway, I made a story to go with it, just like with some of my other songs. It's sort of a Celtic theme. :)

This follows a dream of a little girl named Muirin

Muirin is making her way towards the seaside that leans up against her peaceful village. She descends the rocky terrace that leads to the shore, as the wind wisps through her hair. She can feel the soft, warm sand in her feet as she walks.
Finally she has made it to the shore.
But, all of the sudden, as she steps on the shoreline, dark clouds begin circling just above her. She looks up at this somewhat ominous sign. Slowly, she hears her name being whispered, "Muirin, Muirin. Don't be afraid." She recognizes this voice as being her mother's. (Her mother had died when she was younger.)
The tide rushes in, and in a burst of magic, waves roll up with a powerful force.
A beautiful mermaid rises from the water. It is the spirit of Muirin's own mother. She tells Muirin that she is not there to harm her, but wishes only to grant her one wish.
Being so in love with the ocean, Muirin has no fear, and asks the mermaid if she can join her mother, and all of the other mermaids, to live in the ocean forever, with them.
Muirin's mother smiles. "Very well," she says, and in a dazzling display of power and might, the mermaid summons all of her magic and transforms the little girl into a mermaid just like her, and they swim away.
Then Muirin wakes back up, only to find she's a little girl again.

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Smooth fantasy!

This song sounds really professional and reminds me old good Disney animations.
It's very tasty song for my ears!

Jessismith responds:

Thanks G. :) I really appreciate that.

Lots of imagination!

The harp gives the begnining a feel of wind breezing through. The bagpipes at 0:28 add an authentic taste of Irish in there. The whole composition is very thought provoking! I can almost see the journey that's taking place! Excellent use of a variety of instruments!

Jessismith responds:

Thanks Xay. I'm glad you could see the whole story I was going for. :)


The deep drums in the middle were very good, but they were slightly overpowering the strings a bit too much near the end. The (harp? mandolin?) tune at about 2:20 was very well brought out and contrasted well with the string buildup after it. I liked the use of the sea waves coming in at the beach, it worked very well.
I did have a problem with one of the instruments near the start, I think it was the bagpipes. They made a high pitched squeal inbetween some notes, and it interrupted the ambience of the strings. If there was some way to remove those loud squeaks I think the intro would be much better, but nonetheless this is a great song, with an inspiring story to match!

Jessismith responds:

Hey, thanks so much for the kind review. :)

The audio is fine, this piece is amazing.

The song fits with the story so perfectly, and the song itself is just beautiful. I love the melodies. In fact, I can sum up this whole song in one word: Beauty.

10/10 dude, you have a wonderfully crafted work of art here.

Jessismith responds:

Wow! You really think so? Thank you so much! That really, really means a lot to me! In fact, your comment just made my day. So thanks again.

Absolutely Jealous! :D

I so am!

Those pipes are fantastic, they scream passion in this piece. The strings definetly carry the story which you told and the composition suits the narrative very well! Although there is an underlying boldness it doesn't pull away from the romantic gestures throughout this track.

Few complaints at all, its one of those tracks which I dont want to over analyse, but just want to listen to. You told a brilliant fantasy tale through your music. Fantastic work!

Jessismith responds:

Thanks dude! I really appreciate that!
I'm glad that you liked the pipes. There's just something about them that I can't resist, and therefore I had to use them in at least one piece. :)
I tend to be very bold in my music. Whether or not it means adding sound effects or voice-overs....I'll try anything to make it all sound good.
Thanks for that. Maybe one day I'll elaborate on it a bit, by creating an animation....well, depending on how well-received the song is anyway.

Thanks so much, again!

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