"Warped Galaxy" Orchestral NAC

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This is my submission for the Orchestral NAC competition here at Newgrounds. http://brokendeck.newgrou nds.com/news/post/555249

All instruments are from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition VSTi. I use Sony Acid Pro 7.0 as the host program.

In this piece, what I was trying to achieve is a scenario where you are captain of a spacecraft flying deep into space 2,000 light years away from earth! :) You enter into an uncharted territory of space and find that your spacecraft is about to get swallowed by a blackhole in the center of the galaxy. You must do what you can to get out of the WARPED GALAXY!! You see asteroids getting sucked in towards the blackhole as you are maneuvering around them. Your crew is sweating and praying that you can get everyone out alive! Will you make it?!? Tell your story below! :)

EDIT: I just finished and submitted the Encore Edition for those of you who wanted more. :) Please look at my audio submissions to find "Warped Galaxy Encore Edition." Thanks for your support!



Orchestral MAC Review

Composition: 8.2

You clearly had a vivid image in your head while writing this piece - I could almost see a version of this piece serving as the introduction theme to the next realization of the Star Trek sci-fi tv series. Nice swell at 0:20. Your trumpet hits would have been more effective if they had a stronger, sharper attack to them. This moment at 0:24-0:29 is your first big moment... don't disappoint! Contrast is key - as it is now, it feels as if you're saying "I think I want this to be big and triumphant sounding, but I'm not sure yet so I'll go 50/50." You could also consider some snare drums to help the trumpets.

I enjoyed your buildup into 1:32. I was somewhat disappointed once the melody came in, however. It didn't feel nearly as strong as it should have, given it is the climax of the piece. The melody is well-written, and a fitting choice for the driving atmosphere you're creating.

In general I found the piece quite harmonically interesting. You threw in enough chords outside of the standard mold that my interest was kept throughout the entire piece. Experiment more with modulations. You did modulation from C to F, but a more outlandish modulation (perhaps C to D#) would give more energy, unpredictability, and drive to the music.

Orchestration: 7.2

Your weakness was in orchestration. There were moments that were nice (I think the introduction was tastefully scored), but your inefficient use of percussion cause a lot of potentially great moments to pass. From 1:32-end, most of the cymbal hits should be with the crash, not suspended. Using suspended hits are good for when you don't want an edgy, starting sound because sus hits are much more rounded with a longer attack time. At this section of the piece though, you're looking for power and punctuation. Crash cymbal would give you everything you need. Also, your tom part should probably be a snare part for how you have it scored. As your percussion is scored now, you have a lot of wooshes and rumbles, but not a whole lot of punctuation. Consider doubling your trumpet part down the octave with trombones - it'll give you a fuller, richer sound. You might have to do slight alterations to the part, but the trombone is quite an agile instrument and a good player shouldn't have much difficulty with that line.

Mixing: 7.4

Your mixing suffered most because of a few orchestration issues. I think in general levels were alright. I'd recommend running an EQ over your trumpets to lower the mids and bring up the upper mids to give them a bit more sparkle. Right now they lack definition, and a little EQ work would fix that. Your suspended cymbal level seemed great in the introduction, but got out of hand at the 1:32 section. I think this is more an issue of overuse. Mixing an orchestra is very, very difficult and something that takes many years to master. You've done a lot of great things here - just keep an eye out for overbearing parts!
Overall: 7.6

You have a great imagination! I really liked the fact that your introduction wasn't overly predictable harmonically - it kept my interest. Unfortunately, you missed out on a lot of percussive opportunities in the piece. I'd recommend studying orchestration in further detail to learn how each family of the ensemble fits together.

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This is Amazing!!!

The instruments sound so, realistic. What did you use?

Very majestic...

First off, the French horns at the start were great. Really set the mood with those, as well as the rising tension built up throughout the midle before diving into the strong staccato notes near the middle-end. Would be the perfect soundtrack to an epic Sci-Fi war movie, good job!

XayberOptix responds:

Thanks for your uplifting review! Have a listen to the "Encore Edition."

John Williams Meets Sins?

This is a fantastic composition, it sounds like it would fit in perfectly with the game, "Sins of a Solar Empire." It doesn't make me think so much 'escape the black hole,' to me it sounds more like a 'diplomacy-gone-wrong' scenario where the entire universe is at war.

So to me, it sounds like John Williams met 'Star Trek' inside 'Sins of a Solar Empire' :D

10/10 & 5/5


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XayberOptix responds:

To be compared to John Williams is totally an honor! Thanks for a great review!

The big void

I could almost feel the big and uncharted void that space is, when the intro started.
when the violins started pumping i just knew there were something about to happen.
Great scenarios and music that makes you feel that even in the darkest hours there is hope

Good luck in the competition

XayberOptix responds:

Inspiring review! Thank you for your kind words!

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