Into The Eclipse

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---Be Sure to check out my album "N" coming out in the next few months!---

Best listened to with lights off, headphones on, and eyes closed.

This is my most complicated song yet. It is an extremely emotional song and should be played with the best headphones you can get, lights off, eyes closed, and mind open. I started this track on an airplane flying over New Mexico heading towards Arkansas. I recorded some things going on and decided to add some fancy effects to them. After that, I sat down in my bed and began recording until 3:40AM. I wanted this track to be complex rather than the usual drone that I do. It has a lot of recordings of sounds, pads, and weird things that will really space you out. As always, I created it in Garageband. It really is an amazing program when you know how to use it without touching the pre-set loop library.

I put a lot of work into it, as well as a lot of heart. I hope you enjoy listening to the depths of my mind :)

Reviews always welcomed and responded.

224KBS - Thanks NG for the upload limit increase.

P.S. In case you are wondering, I am about to make an album with a lot of ambient music like this on it. I am working with an artist currently on the artwork. The album is basically suppose to take you on a trip inside your on mind, revealing your subconscious thoughts and feelings using buddhist meditation techniques through ambient music. It will be about 50 minutes long. Thanks NG for all the support you guys have given me over the past few years. It means a lot. For those of you who read my comments, heres a little gift for you: this song, in its literal sense, is suppose to be the recording of a dying man, or you dying. "Eclipse" is your eyes shutting, covering everything as if it were an eclipse. Also, if you notice, on some computers the time on the audio player glitches to "6:51", which is when the breathing starts, then goes to the actual time of 7 minutes. How did I do that you ask? No idea.


Created In Garageband with various VSTs and Plugins including Ambience and Kore Player.

SFXs created by recording my finger popping in and out of a bottle, breathing, typing on the keyboard, and various things going on inside of an airplane flying over New Mexico.

Everything played on my QWERTY keyboard.



Angry Face just stares at you and just kinda moshes in this song. I'm kinda getting chills.
But anyway awesome song, keep up the good work and I'll definitely listen to the next song you make.

An interesting format.

Not too bad. I daresay perhaps even the esteemed good. The NewPeople are pleased by these wailings of the night. New Mexico? 'Tis a good state. Should be ceded to Mexico. It's practically inviting them over. Anyway, back on the song. Nicely done.

-The NewKing

GOod job BUT..

Best headphones you got wont help this song sound any better mp3 is a shitty quality format no matter what even if someone has better headphones they will hear this has crap in them due to how mp3's are made...it would have to be FLAC or WAV format and high sample rate for this wonderful song to sound within true clarity!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Actually, sometimes a song sounds really cool in its .mp3 but the AIF is available here if your interested:


Epic dude

i love your work when ever i have a bad day at school i get my laptop go in my room turn off all the lights and get my headphones (bought them so i can listen to music better specifically yours)

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Im glad that I can help your stress filled day of dick teachers ;)


this is beautiful work man! I love it, i'll be using this for meditation. it's super chilled out, i dig it.

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