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This is my first song please review, it'll help me a lot!! thx =)



I Liked It

Great first track!

I love that little "gaw gaw gaw" percussion thing before the real build up. Good bass you got going here. This song definetely feels like Alaska being in the cold. Overall, great job! Keep up the good work!


You were recomended!

You lucked out girl!
MetaKnightX, here to review.
Well, I like 586rick and was reviewing him, and low and behold, the man got me to review you!
Your new, you have the right idea, and now you have one of NG's oldest and in-depth reviewers on your side, not to mention a talented composer like myself and 586rick. You had better follow through....

Because I like your stuff. You got the right stuff in there; attitude, connections, skill, and resources.
POEPLE, LISTEN TO THIS GIRLS STUFF, it's like watching an egg hatch!

The song was simple, had nice feel, and a WONDERFULL spark of attitude in it. You got spunk girl! The heavy, dark, mix to it was nice, and the balance was right on.
Things I liked:
The balance was superb and almost unique:
It was like you balanced it perfectly and was like "hey, drums, over power Juuuust a little...", which is what I think gave this song it's dark style; the emphasis on the heavy drums and bass. Keep that up, it's very unique to be able to shift the balance in tiny bits like you did and not go over the top.

The focus on the simple things:
It was simple in all the ways a song should be simple, but lacked intricacy. The simple things had a nice feel and were really well polished to make a quality song.

The beginning really caught your attention:
It made you want to keep listening and gave the song a nice personality. That’s what you want to shoot for in an intro every time.
You could definitely use some intricacy in there, mainly some counter melody and fast melody lines topped with interesting synth.
Things that annoyed me:
Nothing, it was well done.
Intricacy, counter melody, and more effort.
EXPAND THIS SONG, it has a great beginning, but just cuts off! Keep going!!!!!!
Overall, great job Bestgirl, and keep it up.

Sincerely reviewed by:

Needs work for shure

But it still is enjoyable to listen to. It showsd alot of potential.

I feel that this song, as a trance style song, needs more of an enveloping sound to it, it needs to cover a broader range of sound. Some equalizing and mixing would help with that but like a few other people mentioned a bit more bass or a deeper instrument perhaps would help.

Also try sepoerating the instruments as well, like panning one to the side, or to the front if it is the main solo lead.

I digged the changes in the sounds, the main melody, that first change was a bit repetitive, it repeated the same thing 6 or 7 times. A tiny bit variation could possibly add to the song.

Thebestgirl-2717 responds:

Thx for helping me! It's really appreciated. For now I just have 3 songs but when I'll have the time I'll do more so keep reviewing! =)

Good. For first song.

I agree with 586rick. I was a really good song and a smooth melody.

Review my first two songs that are coming out soon!

I really liked the ending. Tell me...what program do you use?


Thebestgirl-2717 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'll review your songs as soon as you put them on newgrounds. For the program the only thing I can tell is It's a techno program!

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Dec 19, 2005
9:20 PM EST
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