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~MM~ 39 piano improvisation 3

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this piano improvisation i did a month (or something like that) ago is my new years entry (i know im a day to late...) hope it blasts into the new year
no metronome, no retake, no edits, its done in one go and im still a beginner (so you can expect a lot of mistakes in it)
its a quite simple and repeative piece but i put my feelings in the notes, so i hope that compensates for its simplicity
might gonna write a real song out of this one day

hope you enjoy,

Musical Memoirs


if you intend to use my music in any way then please contact me (afterwards you probably get permission to use it, but only after you contact me first!)

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you my friend,

have golden fingertips.
i cant think of anything bad at this point as this really grab's hold on me.
i hope you do something wonderfull with this talent in the future, and if you wont .....
well thats another story.
let me just simply score this with a 10 and 5, and also fav it to my favorites.
and end this short story im telling xD

check you later!
goodluck and ofcourse [im late] have a great new happy year!


Musical-Memoirs responds:

i am happy to say that they are not made of gold, not only would that have given me a lot of biological problems, but also made me unable to play the piano without the sound of gold hitting the keyboard, i want to keep my music pure :P
though i dont know if im able to do something wonderfull in the future with my talent, i do plan to do so (and i believe i am getting closer and closer in time)
now... if i just had the time i would do even more...

Well done

i know you stated that it was going to be a simple song (yes it is a song) but it kept leaving me with a wanting for more. this is good now im not entirely sure if you were just screwing around with a idea but this is a great starting piece to something longer the 3 key repetition melody was very nicely put to set the mood , but the problem is that the mood never went anywhere this poses a question to me, was this going for a music loop or a single run through type thing??? either was it flowed nicely but still left me wanting more and a progressive the overall thing is i kept expecting a big bang type sound, this aint a bad thing but im just saying that the feeling it left me with i would like to discuss the thought and direction (if there is one) further so send me a message when you have time to talk

Musical-Memoirs responds:

i didnt want to take the risk to go somewhere with the chance to screw up, the piece now gives you a feeling for more indeed, though its powerful it never reaches the a part that makes it feel completed
around 2/3th of the piece i decided to keep it as an post-climax type
though an endless post-climatic piece has its own strength you still end up missing the climax that you expect all along but never get, when i write something out of this then i might put the 'missing' climax in it, but i might keep it like this
so in short, it was intentional

and apparently you also felt it, i cant stop listening myself after hearing it once because i want to wait for the climax, even though i am the one who knows best that there is no true climax in it, only a hell lot of post-climax parts (i made a piece i can fool myself with) :P

Pretty emotional

(I really hate the star system for music, because it is meaningless and to any submission, and is hard to rate something to be better than another genre, like rock to an inspirational piece like this)

-Simplicity is a subject that allows your mind to wonder and have different thoughts as to what the piece is about. It is not a bad thing, because most pieces made for piano and other instruments are simple for practicing, or because the idea is so peaceful and ...simple.... that over complicating would be a bad thing.

Because pieces like these bring different feelings and emotions depending on who's listening. to me, it's thoughtful and pleasantly happy about some goal that is being achieved, and possibly a victory at somepoints.
-Example of pieces that try to capture a set emotion for everyone is Beethoven, who uses dynamics where noone in there right mind would put a pianist at risk...very dynamic or pleasant then back to dramatic and so on.
-You are definitely getting better.
Without editing, this piece is very well done. And you comprise of a couple of skills that many players wish they had.
1:You make a mistake, and kept playing like it wasn't there and didn't affect you....probably because it's an improve and can do basically anything you want.
2:You are able to convey your emotions onto a piece very well. Go to any student workshop for pianist (free if you can find the right date for one....only for watching though.) About 85% will play a supposedly beautiful piece, but make it sound like a compilation of notes that are just there. --It's one thing to hit a note, it's another to move your body onto that note. Try it..hit a note hard, then try again moving into it. However minute, it's still noticible and affects it's outcome. I'm imagining you were bobbing up and down the piano at some spots....but I may be mistaken.

Metronomes not needed for any kind of improvisation, because it's your thoughts and feelings that are making the piece, plus your supposed to have an almost perfect metronome inside your head.

might gonna write a real song out of this one day

technical...if it's not using voices...it's a piece.......multiple instruments are harmonies or melodies.
And why wouldn't you consider this a real piece?

Problems:The do da dum do da dum of -right hand?- throughout entire piece, which doesn't seem to change all that much., Probably because your a beginner, but you can change position of a chord { C E G -> E G C or G C E} Puts different appeals and stirs things up a little.
Plus you can transpose to a different key..commonly from the topic to the IV or V
....for C that would be an F or G, and just got the same piece at a different pitch. Might be experimental before you'll get it, because I know that it is not an easy concept because I still have problems with it.
Little mishaps here and there like it's been stated, and emotions did help balance the simplicity of it.
-I long for the day that you produce a purely spectacular piece.
Keep Practicing!!

Musical-Memoirs responds:

every song has different reason to like them and a lot of people are not open for something different then the are used to... so there wouldnt be any way to properly rate songs with the votes of many people in my opinion... not for no reason that useless crap are nowadays called masterpieces by the mass

simplicity aint bad at all, rather give me some simple songs then overcomplicated songs where parts dont work properly together, after all, not any can make pieces like bach

i had the intention to keep it simple, this was not even a serious attempt to create a nice piece till i started (lucky i recorded this improvise session)
i had a simple idea, i wanted a powerfull happy feeling and choose to play it in A mayor (soon it became a victorious feeling i had indeed). for that idea i decided to play the molody with the base notes instead of the high notes, something i had not done before this one, with the focus on my left hand i kinda forgot my right hand till halfway
because of that i played a few chord a bit too much :P though i figured out a simple chord buildup within the A Mayor scale while playing which made it a bit more interesting
A Mayor (A C# E) - Asus4 (A D E) - first inversion of D Mayor (A D F#) - second inversion of F sharp Minor (A C# F#) - repeat
the problem of those chords are that all 4 of them are close to each other and all start with an A
if i used another inversion to get away of the A then it would have indeed been way less repetitive, but when you improvise (especially as a beginner) it can screw up everything when done on a wrong moment or when you miss the right notes because you didnt have the time to practice, didnt want to take that risk (did think about changing position though)
but at least the chord buildup allowed me to use my feelings so well, suspended chords give of a strange unstable feeling that whats to move to a new part (at least to me) and the minor chord allowed me to use more then only a happy feeling,
a slightly minor part can really strengthen the feelings of a mayor part if used well and i believe i did

though the buildup was simple, left hand powerfull melody, right hand setting the mood with broken chords
i did some hard things midway, playing the repeative part and a melody with the same hand and playing some base notes with my left
or simply play what i used to play but place a few extra notes with my left hand
and i used 1 or 2 more chords in a small part, but i can say that those details were really hard and im suprised i didnt mess it up

though i kept playing after a mistake now it is indeed because i was improvising and didnt risk to make the big mistakes that makes it hard to keep even improving further... when playing someone elses pieces its way harder to play after a mistake, only the small ones are ignorable, but sometimes even small ones make me stop

(and i use the words song and piece frequently wrong, in the past i always heard the word song (actually: "Lied" which means song since i speak dutch), i still frequently say song when i mean a piece after all this time...)
the reason i cant call a improvisation a real piece is because it isnt thought through, like an unfinished piece... not that i dont like improvisations, but i cant call them a finished piece either, all i can call it is an improvisation
if the improvisation has a lot of potential parts like this one i want to finish it
bach wouldnt call them pieces either i believe, only he was one of the extreme ones who only allowed his pupils to play a composition when the biggest part of the piece (wanted to use song again :P) was already completely in their heads, improvising was not the way to write music in his opinion

thanks for the review and sorry for the late respond

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Jan 2, 2011
6:00 PM EST
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