Sunday Glory

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Now that I've gotten more accustomed to using Fruity Loops, this is my first shot at using automation clips. Written on a sunday, I imagined this as a sort of prelude to your morning. The kind of sundays I sometimes wake up to. Sundays are one of the few days when I feel great and feel like composing something, so I decided on making a tribute to my sundays, and this is it.

Love to hear your thoughts people!


Today is a Sunday

I woke up at 4:40 in the afternoon, feeling crusty and withered. It's interesting to me, though, that this song is your Sunday. My Sunday song would be so much more dour and mournful.

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whitesymphonia responds:

lol, well my sundays are days when I actually have free time to do stuff, so it's happy for me :) Ofc, I'm tired when i first wake up, but then I'm like, "today's the day I have loads of free time" so then I get more awake :) Dour and mournful would be my mondays, I hate mondays :)


I'd say this could still use quite a bit of work. There seemed to be some strange panning at times that I didn't really understand. Same with volume changes. The part at 1:58 didn't really seem very musical and just a bit repetitive and odd.

Some of the instruments sounded really good, and the melodies you chose were great, but as a whole the piece has zero percussion at all. Classical music needs that booming percussion for dramatic effect, in my opinion, and the song seems rather bland without it.

The final note at the end was way overdone. It just blares insanely and almost sounds low quality.

Overall it's a nice piece. The melodies are good, and most of the instruments you used sound good. Some percussion would be nice, along with some volume and panning cleanup, and I think the song would be a lot more solid. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work.


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whitesymphonia responds:

hmm, percussion eh? Yea, you're right, percussion does make a difference :D. Dunno if I'll go back and fix this, but I was thinking of replacing the instruments with some new better quality ones I got. Still working on learning percussion, so that is still yet to come.

Strange peace

Reminds me a lot of Magus's hideout in Crono Trigger since the wind sound makes it sound slightly eerie and then it reminds me of Final Fantasy III as goes to being calm and celebration like overall with the keyboard playing. It sounds very calm.

Like the calm feeling that this tune really delivers as it makes it something you would hear to calm down or maybe celebrate something about I guess. The overall flow is great too and cool. Good job here.

Overall, no way to improve, great job here!!

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whitesymphonia responds:

Ah, Magnus's hideout... I remember that part... originally, I wanted to put bird sounds instead of wind, but couldn't really find a good VST for it, so went with the wind. I'm glad you like it!

Nice and calming

Hey its TK~
Cool song! It feels a littl leacking, as in I feel like there should be another instrument. It also sounds kinda blurry.

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whitesymphonia responds:

mmm, could be lacking an instrument. I actually wanted to include drums into it, and maybe piano, but didn't really know where to insert piano (should probably look it over again). And i'm not too skilled with drums. Been trying to persuade a friend to teach me though. :)

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