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this song is designed to give the feeling of thunder in the socks.



In this case, I'm not using interesting as a euphemism for bad; this piece is superb. I like in particular the sound used to bridge at 0:44 and then repeating at 0:55-0:59 and 1:12. The contrast in this particular piece between a complex and layered wall of sound topped by a clear melody is very cool. I like also the almost haunting way it ends. The only problems I have with it are very nitpicky things, mostly transitions; the shift at 0:34 seems a bit empty and awkward, and 1:37 also is a bit of an odd leap. The ending seems way too stretched.
I'd like to emphasize that these are really minor things; if the rating system were more versatile, you would probably get around a 9.4. Excellent job!

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Been a while since I heard something like this...

Honestly, I'm impressed. And very, very confused...

Normally, something as heavy as this would get annoying, or at the very least give me a headache. HOWEVER, you have pulled off a marvelous mix of the hard sounds of a true industrial song and a trance vibe, for lack of a better word.

Now, I WILL admit, there are some aspects about it that could be different. Personally, I think that the song goes from kickass to kind of suck to kickass to kind of suck very quickly. You have too much going on at one time in a lot of parts of the song, and it makes it sound messy. The parts where you keep it simpler sound so much better than when it's cluttered with noise. With the way that you were making the song, it needs to be calmer.

And then again, at the very end, there's ne real point to the noises that happen to fade it out. It just makes the ending messy, and takes the listener away from the hardcore experience that they were having during the rest of the song.

Then there were the parts in the middle of the song that were... eh...

This song would be a 9 or even a 10 in my book, ifonly the bad parts were located in one area for critiquing. However, because the bad parts are kinda shuffled into the deck with the rest of the good cards, it has to get lower.

Now, to comment on the good parts.

I enjoy very much many parts of the song, although it's hard to describe whih ones in text (otherwise, I'd be going "oh, the part where it goes DUN DUNDUN DUN DUUUUUUUN DUNDUNDUN DUN" all over the place)

As I said before, though, the best parts of the song are the simplest parts, with what you were trying to go for here. The begining was great, and right before the overly drawn out ending was awesome. There were random smatterings in the middle that were great. The tone was enjoyable, and even someoone who wasn't into the hard sounds of industrial could find this a pleasurable song. Overall, it was good.

And yet, at the same time...

I'm not entirely sure, to be honest! Keep up the good confusing work. 8 and 5

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Really good song, keep up the good work!
I really liked the mood, it would be terrific to have some vocals though ;)

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DKI Review for Thundersocks

The piece is catchy, and well mixxed. I has great low end and good high and mids and was mastered down well. I like the choice of synths, and notes used for the piece. Its raw but at the same time its not and it makes for intresting contrasts. Well done! its got a 10 from me! Don't mind me if I dance to this for a while!

~Karl (KrazenIncorperation)

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Infamous has nothing on this electricity

Yes even he can't keep up with this electric sock ride. You put the stuff in stuffing. I beg you to keep making this eargasm inducing music.

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