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Composed by The Chase. Vocals and lyrics by Russ.

These lies that you've thrown at me from day one
Oh baby they're stacking up to recreate
The terrible curse that you know we can't escape from

Tonight we've collapsed into disarray
And as we fall you'll sanction this
Like it means nothing at all (nothing at all)

You know it's just too bad
That you cannot follow through
On anything you say
How can I take anything you say seriously

Now I'm rolling on the floor
Like so many times before
Any you're wasting my time
You're wasting my time


And if I seem so far away
It's cuz Karma's here to play

Nothing you do will save us
We're out of time
And you will take everything
Everything we are to the grave


And if I sleep so far away
It's cuz Karma's here to play
As we fall
Karma's here to stay


i like dude's !

however 1 pointer here; drums could be made a bit more clearer(bit too dull imo)

I like :B

Helluuu :)
I really like it! But. (do you guys mind a little critique? i hope not it's not meant in a bad way or anything)
-I think (I'm no music expert btw) that the guitar might be a little too dominant over the drums, actually, quite a bit, it's really overpowering (unless you meant it that way). I think the song could use some stronger drums with more bass.
-Furthermore, the tones used for the lyrics, they're ehmm how do I say? They could be more complicated :) because pretty much every word sung remains on the same tone, while (especially at the end of sentences, though you (Russ?) already do(es) that at some points) it would be more interesting to hear some heartfelt tonechanges within words. There's feeling in this, but it could be so much more, if you would really put your heart in this even more, i bet it would go from really good to incredible! ;)
Btw, I read that it was composed by 'The Chase' but I have no idea who that person is or how to find him/her so ehm.. maybe you could tell that person for me?
I'll hope my critique is helpful to you in any way :>
(It's so hard for me to put proper critique into words when its about audio art! because i only do visual art myself, forgive me if its not too clear ): )

vwvSTATICvwv responds:

Well said, man. I agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, The Chase no longer exists :( it was a band that Russ was auditioning for back in 2009. They loved him but they never closed the deal because of relocation issues. They were based in California. Russ lived in Utah (not anymore, he's in NY doing the Army thing) But thanks. We appreciate the feedback ;)


dude this is amazing :D

the guitar the rythm the drums and ur voice man..its all great :D i love this song now lol...keep up the good work :D


As a music freak, i fell in Love with this song.

Lol it seems it's been awhile I heard your work

Well this is rock, whatever anyone says it is rock because apparently there's different types of rock formalities I think. I wouldn't know much of music but I only know this is rock, and of course your music is Prestige. FTW

vwvSTATICvwv responds:

:D Thanks man


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Dec 31, 2010
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