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Where the boo(ze) at?

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Improvised: The Mixtape track

dacookup - beat production dacookup.com and dacookup.newgrounds.com

Verse 1: Klaziknadi - klaziknadi.newgounds.com
Verse 2: Jweed
Verse3: Lyrik - http://lyriklynklynd.newg rounds.com/

Hook x2
tell me where the booze at
tell me where the boos is at
is it you or is it that?
No, it's you, oh yea!

Klazik Verse:
Ill walk up knowing that im already situated
And These two boo(ze)s knowing that im also faded
And I made it cuz Im coming in to knock a couple down
And knock a couple up, well come close cuz that's whats up
/Yo And I hope to only erupt one way, no not throwing up
That's not the suave way to do it, yo ya gotta have ya ducks
In a row, and Im prepared for every occasion,
I mend abrasions; easily avoid altercations
/I just look for situations to have a little fun
I avoid the walking tons and take my daily vitamin
That are good pussy, beer, green, and some good listening
They trump these other punk, chump citizens
/Yo, Ill give em dishings, tell him their outta control
Then ill smoke my bowl and then ill laugh and choke
Yo, back to booze one, the one that made me do this
And cheers to the other boo's the ones that blew this

Jweed Verse:
Where the booze at?
Gotta thirty pack of blue pabst
in a minute bout to ask where the boobs at?
I rolled the doob fat
if you want one i got one
ill be in the kitchen givin and receiving shotguns
yes i got a hot tongue
cotton mouth and pot lungs
addiction to the sweet yet my teeth remain unrotten
jweed human volcano spittin the fuego
immune to a label power horse in the stable
Still remain unstable yet i got this game i cradle
fuck a ladel life the punch bowl straight up from the table
spilled it in a navel, i think her name was Rachel
maybe April or Mabel but take em home later stil able
movin on in the song pass me the beer bong
keep it goin on till the ribbons all gone
takin shots of tequilla turns me into a killa
walk around heinz field screamin fuck the steelers!
Lyrik Verse:
Where is the booze? Where are my shoes?
woke up drunk staring at the ceiling, i'm confused
Who's in the bed? did she just give me head
I hope that if we fucked I had protection to use
/Morning beer drinking in traffic with pedal on sledge
I gave her clear on the mirror you can bet it was hedged
She love the way it drip down her nostril but better on face
If she just gets a taste then i'll be always gettin my way
/Still say, love alcohol and leave a bitch stranded
right after she naked and you get ya business handled
Snuffed candle then it's bye Bye, high I ride
on a cloud with a Flying Dog by my side
/spraying her with golden ale, EMO she was pale
after choking her while fucking saying life so frail
Hammer shots hoping not to hit the coffin with nails
I swim in beer goggles often and I always inhale

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I know it's an old song but it's one of my favorites so good job to all that were involved. 5 stars brother.


haha ha!

JayWeed responds:

hahaha! you can't spell! stay in school! puuuuuuuuuuuuunk


is this really the best of the week? damn....

JayWeed responds:

hahaha yeah musta been a shitty week


Nerds don't rap


i dont think this is what is considered as a "good" rap

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Dec 30, 2010
5:17 PM EST
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