[Dj-U] Far Out In Space (Orig)

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Soooo I've been grounded the past three weeks and i havent really been able to do anything except produce music haha so here is another song!

This is a progressive house song that has some cool vocal samples (i'm going crazy with these samples eh?), an awesome drop (3:34), and cool, alien sounding FX. It took me around 5 days to complete.

Song info-
Started - 12/25/10
Finished - 12/30/10
Length - 5:40
Daw Used - FL Studio 9
Synths used - Sylenth 1, V-Station, Zebra 2, Z3ta+
Samples Used: Various Loopmaster movie dialogue samples, VEC, Deadmau5 sample packs
Pattern filed: 85
Automations - 10

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So soothing and spacey.

Amazing man, I love it.

The wide range of synths and effects give a feeling of just being a such a vast area, so much going on. The mixing is definitely really good. The use of the movie samples is well placed.

Also the panning of each individual part really helped create a good atmosphere. I just felt so lost in the music that at times I forgot I was in my house.

Overall good job man and keep up the work!

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

i'm really glad that you liked it! And there's nothing more an artist likes to hear than someone telling you that they got lost in your music music. It really makes all the time and effort worth it =]

I love adding in little things sound effects and such to enhance the atmosphere ;)

I have a new song called Just Trance (just dance remix with out the gaga vocals xD it's awesome trust me) coming out in a day or 2 so stay tuned!

I'm digging this

The hardest thing about House (and electronic music in general) is taking something that is repepitive and seemingly random and making interesting. You SIr have accomplished this feat in a most exellent and spectacular way. I can tell that you put a lot of time, effort, and soul into this and it certainly paid off because this is nothing less than a masterpiece. Outstanding job with this production and keep up the good work!

- Professor Admiral Bacon

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

=D =D
I do my best to vary it up! thanks for noticing! :)
ty for the review! <3

Nice !

Great job,I really enjoyed listening to it.The latter part of the song (3:50 min onwards) is awesome.

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

hey man thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked the drop =D

like always..

like always, a very good song. Are you studying music or a professional musician? Cuz really, I'd see you being one. I'd hear your music in clubs and such :D

I don't know what to say anymore when I listen to your song, I feel like a broken record XD

I'm not a professional musician, but since I still do music myself, I know it can take a lot of work, and that it's easy to make mistakes. But hearing your music, it feels like everythings a breeze for you...


Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

another lavitz review! i'm lovin' it!
haha i'm actually not studying music, infact i just got into Saint Louis College of Pharmacy and plan on attending late august.

Stop it with this broken record crap! i can't express how much i value feedback from you guys!

And yes it takes a whole lot of work and can sometimes take months to finish a song! But im getting better and im starting to see how to organize my songs and all that junk.

Again, keep reviewing cause i LOVE it!

Coolie, yes, coolie.

It's pretty good actually. I've listened it a couple times; first as a song, then as a technical accomplishment.

As a song, I do like it. It's holding a good atmosphere, nice mood that I'd like to listen very long. As it is progressive, that's a good thing.
There's everything that this kinda song needs for it, it really doesn't deserve it's points atm: 3.76 / 5.00 (yes, i added my weak 5 there, so it's +0.13)

Somehow i just don't see this in the weekly best in the technical way. It seems to be a BIT simple to listen how it's done. Not very much time can't be spent on many things I hear. Sorry about that, but it just sounds like that. How about to show what you can do? Like... make it sound hard to do. But not too overwhelming that's impossible to listen at.

So. It's 9/10 for now, and I have 5'd the whole song ('cause i can't 5 the half of the song hahahahaaa....). I'll be ready to see some more submissions from you.

If you want, PM me for any new songs! Or anything new that needs to be noticed.


Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

hey man thanks a lot for the great review!
Too say that this song is simple, is i think a bit of an understatement. i mean just cause it sounds simple doesnt mean it was a simple thing to execute. Infact, this is probably the song that i put the most effort to in mastering lolll.
Now some of my friends say that the melody is a bit simple if that's what you mean and i can see that. It's just a sidechained pad doing it's thing, but idk... the thing i was thinking about changing was adding in a sub-melody but never got around to trying it out....

Anyway, thanks for the in-depth review, it means a lot!

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4.90 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
1:29 PM EST
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