Metroid Mix

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Annoyingly, this file exceeded the 15 minute youtube limit originally, and exceeded the 8mb file size limit for a swf converter for deviantart


We're looking at 17 minutes worth of covers from the Metroid series, theres a lot of them, because thats what I get for picking a game with consistent root notes and melodies, I've included the Prime soundtracks mostly (all three if you count the recycled melodies in prime 2 and 3) Can you spot them all? There are some hidden themes and bass lines in there

Just in case you get stuck:
0m0s: Phendrana Drifts with Super Metroid Brinstar bassline
2m49s Metroid Prime Main Theme with Phendrana drifts elements
4m33s Super Metroid Brinstar
6m20s Metroid prime title theme with super metroid Brinstar
6m35s Metroid Prime title theme with Meta Ridley riff
7m05s Meta Ridley Theme
8m08s Metroid Prime Title screen leading into Downed Frigate
8m55s Downed Frigate
10m46s Metroid Prime title theme
11m32s Metroid Prime Main Theme with Phendrana drifts elements
12m02s Super Metroid Brinstar bassline with modified ridley riff and phendrana drifts and distress call elements
12m57s added modified Zero Mission Brinstar elements
13m58s Modified Distress call with Super metroid Brinstar bassline
14m54s Tallon Overworld theme 2 with Distress call elements
16m17s Phendrana Drifts with Super Metroid Brinstar bassline

I was running out of things to do for certain parts so I robbed a bunch of sound effects from here:
net/index.php?sess=bd6080 aab5066434ce4f693d17cfecf 1&act=resdb&param=01&c=5

Made in Cubase 4
Powered by swear words



Truly an epic compilation of the Metroid soundtrack. The beginning was a little weak, and I suspect that's why the submission's score was as low as it was when I found this piece - because idiots don't listen to the whole song before passing judgment. If they had, they would have found a real gem. Keep up the great work.

stevendaniels responds:

Glad you liked it =)
I'll be making some changes to the begginning when I can
Thanks again!

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Dec 30, 2010
7:36 AM EST
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