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A Dramatic Scene

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Author Comments

A little soundtrack describing something dramatic. The story in my head is way too long to write here, and is filled with a staggering amount of detail.

So? Tell me your story! I'd love to hear it :3


Almost sounds James Bond-ish. I love your drums/rhythm, and agree that it would benefit from better synths/samples. I picture some sort of get-away scene here, or maybe some sort of "investigation montage". Fairly good musicianship; me likes!


alternativesolution responds:

Ooh, thank you :D Your input is appreciated.

an interesting piece

alternativesolution responds:


Starring Keanu Reeves.

Could use some higher quality synths, but I can totally understand any issues finding the right ones. I really enjoyed the sporadic feel of this song, yet still a solid idea is conveyed. I got some great imagery listening to this. You definitely did a great job here!

alternativesolution responds:

Haha, glad you were able to get some imagery from it! Thanks for commenting! :)

certainly a dramatic scene with a real story! mine

1338 walking in a room in an underwater base
Lanov (elite Zealot): "you have some nerve coming back here"
38 just stares at him energy sword in hand gun in holster "Talk is cheap"
Lanov "I agree! Actions speak louder than words!"
blades ignite, 38 and Lanov charge at each other and attack!
both tired
38 "you're better than I thought, lasting this long takes guts and skill!"
Lanov: "SHUT UP!"
they stair at each other until track loops and gets back to 0:21 when they get back to fighting in what is now a flooding underwater base due to UNSC reinforcements arriving and starting a fight above the water (a UNSC shot missed and hit a glass panel)
they keep fighting until 1:41 again when this time 38 defeats Lanov (sparing his life- W00T) 38 swims down further into the base to exit and then swims to the surface.
38 "This is not his grave but fate will make it someday....."
To be continued!-or something.
sorry it's shorter than the other I often search newgrounds for numerous songs to create one big idea to make a 4 part- sometimes 5 part story for a site other than newgrounds for ideas to make one 4 part- sometimes 5 part story on a site other than newgrounds. :(

i'll give a URL in message form if you wish.

alternativesolution responds:

Great! Thanks for listening!

5/5 Rating

Well it appears I have been beaten to saying that this song holds a story. What that is exactly, is up to one's imagination.

This fine piece of music rings a story out of me that would go along the lines of a brief overlook of an underwater facility and ground-to-space cannon which would fire at 0:20. The round or laser would make its way into the midst of a war in space. Space ships would fire back and forth trying to take control of a planet in turmoil.

Anyway, I must comment on the song more then the story is may speak of. I really enjoyed this piece because it's action packed but felt suspenseful. It started off with a calm feel and quickly raised itself into a great guitar beat. However the shifts between different beats could have been slightly smoother I still think it all worked well together. I would say that this song was both ambient, and rock alongside some well articulated bass. This song has structure, and it should not go unnoticed by any means.

I really hope song gets heard by a good artist and animator(s) because the stories it can make could work for some truly amazing submissions here on Newgrounds, and possibly elsewhere. You did not disappoint in this wonderful three minute craft of a melody.

Hope to see more content like this, from you. Keep up the good work!

alternativesolution responds:

Ah, the images and critique, and (yes!) praise! :P I'm happy you like it! As for your last line, well, I think I shall create more of this then. Thanks so, so much for your time and words! :)

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Credits & Info

Dec 29, 2010
11:38 AM EST
File Info
5.2 MB
3 min 16 sec
4.27 / 5.00

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