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JBI - Fly away!

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Hey guys, Check out and LIKE out my Facebook Page! :D
http://listn.to/Cinematic Soundtracks
I spent all day on this... I hope listening to it will be a more enjoyable experience then it was to export it xD The project was so big that I got major fruity loops exporting problems! :c Deep sad

Anyways, enjoy :D
All comments are appreciated btw, murf c:

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Somewhat pop sounding

Even though it is composed of only classical instruments it kind of sounds like a pop song as well like the ones heard in all those Disney movies. The bells and violins sound rather charming actually. The drums and percussion sound brilliant and give the song a bit of extra life to it. The trumpet sounds quite awesome as well.

The song kind of gives a feel as if something great in your life has just happened and a lot of people saw it and they all feel victory and feel some of the same feelings you do at that moment. Really nice and upbeat classical song as well. Brilliant job on this.

Strangely, it does sound kind of cute as well.

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reel2 responds:

I love that the song created images out of thoughts for you, exactly what I wanted to accomplish trough this piece. Thsiii u called my bells cute xD

Light poppy fresh orchestration.

Hey reel2,

It's light and poppy, a happy feel-good orchestratic assembly. The drums, strings, brass, and other orchestratic elements meld well, however there might be some issues with something like attack and release? I'm not too sure, but it sounds like not everything is quantised right. Maybe reduce the swing factor? Sorry if I'm not making sense.

It's very nice, and reminds me of epic Nintendo themes. They might even accept it for something like Wii music or something :P. But it's mostly a journey through various phases of thought, with nice chord progressions and composition. It immediately hits you that a lot of effort has gone into this 3 minutes.

A breath of fresh air in the sea of down-trodden NG submissions. A light breeze through the window, you might say. There is a lightness about the song that lifts you up to a higher place. That would be aided by the nice pizzicato strings, and the vibraphones I think. I may be wrong.

--Wow Factor--
There is certainly that amazement when you realise that you're dealing with someone who knows how to compose for an orchestra to produce feelings that they have controlled. This song serves a distinct purpose and vibe, and it's very specific and viable.

--Personal Tilt--
I was thoroughly impressed with this submission mainly because of its quality of composition and the light, breezy feel and vibe. I enjoyed it from beginning to end as an epic orchestration along the lines of candy floss and merry-go-rounds. Well done.

--Production-- = 18/20
--Experience-- = 20/20
--Style-- = 18/20
--Wow Factor-- = 19/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 18/20




reel2 responds:

Wow, Thank you for that exellent review!
I'm glad you liked it!

Beautiful piece

Beautiful piece, absolutely wonderful and makes me smile. I agree with what some of the other reviewers said.

The one piece of constructive feedback I want to give is that the last note should be a couple of notes higher so it sounds like flying to the horizon rather than to the end. Other than that, SMILE !!! Because that's what this piece did to me :)

Very well composed

The only thing I can think to add here would be a bit more exotic or interesting flavor on your percussion and a little bit of adding to the bass of your mix as most everything is in the mids to high range. Nonetheless it still works very well.
Things blend very well, and the marimba/vibraphone melodic hits give a feeling of flightiness that I'm sure is intentional.

Wheee, I'm Flying!

This is a beautiful cinematic track, it's sweeping, it's orchestral, and most importantly, you're working from an incredibly effective but simple theme, which makes it easy to remember. (I'm still humming the main theme.)

This, I think, rivals Michael Giacchino in terms of awesomeness. You've captured the essence of flying over a country in an orchestral composition. Your use of the marimba (or is it a xylophone?) at the beginning of the piece is really effective, and I love the way you bring it back throughout the track.

Now, there's really only a couple of... well, they're not even complaints, they're just suggestions:

1. Perhaps more ethnic instrumentation? I know this is an orchestral competition but, if you revisit this piece, I'd love to hear what it would sound like if, at some point later in the piece, you switched the theme over to some bagpipes and/or duduk (or any other ethnic Middle Eastern instruments). That sort of instrumental development would really make you feel like you're flying around the whole world.

2. It ends too abruptly! Now this is a good and bad thing: I feel like the track is the perfect length, and it does what it needs to do. But, you have the violins holding a single note for the last few seconds -- it sounds like the piece wants to go on, but in a different direction. Think of "Star Wars" -- you have the main overture, then the music settles down and tenses up as the Star Destroyer comes into view, chasing Leia's ship. That's sort of what I envision here -- you have this flying main theme, then the track sounds like it wants to continue on to score the scene after the title credits.

reel2 responds:

I must thank you for your kind words! And I agree 100%

Most of the time I get suggestions to do like more flute and stuff, and frankly I just let em pass, but your ideas made so much more sense in the way of telling a story through an musical composition that I feel I must thank you again! :D

Stay tuned for more! I would love to hear more words from you in the future

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Dec 28, 2010
1:00 PM EST
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